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  1. justproxydo

    ALC887 Low Audio

    Hello. So I have an MSI h110m pro-d motherboard with ALC887 audio codec. I installed applehda.kext and made audio inject 1. Sound works on every port but the volume is very low. Max volume sounds like its very low. Any help? Thanks
  2. justproxydo

    macOS sierra on a skylake pc! MB: h110m pro-d cpu: i5 6400 gpu: gtx960 ram:ddr4 8gb

    Hello. So I`ve managed to install macOS sierra on my skylake PC. Ok, so here are my computer specs: Motherboard: MSI h110m pro-d ( CPU: Intel Core i5 6400 skylake ( GPU: MSI GTX...
  3. justproxydo

    Sierra on a Skylake PC! Success > MSI H110M Pro-D - GTX 960

    So i`ve managed to install macOS on my skylake PC. My specs: Motherboard - MSI H110M Pro-D Ram- 8gb ddr4 HDD - 1tb GPU - MSI GTX 960 To make it simple I've made a video tutorial on YouTube: