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  1. angy82

    slow benchmark with my SSD

    Hello. With yosemite I have slow performance with my SSD Samsung Pro 850. With 10.9.5 my results was about 500mb/s in write and read, but now with 10.10 I have 150mb/s in write and about 350mb/s in read What is the problem? :(
  2. angy82

    Cannot resume after standby with bluetooth

    After upgrading to yosemite I'm unable to restore my hackintosh from sleep with blueetooth keyboard and mouse. With a standard usb keyboard or mouse everything is ok. What I can do?
  3. angy82

    Trim support with 10.9.5

    I think that there are some problems with last version of multibeast and mavericks 10.9.5 If I try to apply the patch for my SSD my system goes unstable, reboots automatically and there are random KP. :shock: Any solution?
  4. angy82

    What driver for Premiere and others video applications

    Hello. I have evga gtx 760 and actually I'm running 10.9.5 with clover installation. My video card seems to be ok with youtube and with some hd movie. I'm really confused about cuda, OpenGL etc... I have to work with Adobe Premiere Pro, After effects, and Final Cut etc... What driver I have...
  5. angy82

    10.9.5 can't boot into Mavericks OSX installer :(

    Hello, this is my configuration: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 760 Intel Core i7-4790k Samsung SSD 850 256Gb I disabled the internal video, later I created usb installer with UniBeast and I tried to boot from USB without success. What boot flag I should to use to boot...
  6. angy82

    HP 15-n067sl

    Hello. I bought this notebook 15-n067sl (here full specs and I...
  7. angy82

    Application crash after few hours

    I hope that anybody can help me. After a new installation of mavericks I'm unable to use my hackintosh after few hours. Safari and other applications crash always and automatically opens again. Please take a look to my log and tell me what is wrong. Sorry for my poor english and thanks in...
  8. angy82

    Generic AHCI Controller :-(

    After a clean installation of Mavericks I don't see my ahci controller. Take a look to screenshot and please help me. I've already installed 3rd Party SATA from multibeast without success. I'm using the same DSDT of Mountain Lion (where everything was ok) Thanks in advance
  9. angy82

    NVDA(OpenGL) and (Private) Channel timeout!

    Sorry, I have just found this Please delete this message.
  10. angy82

    crashes after upgrade to 10.8.5

    Hello! After upgrading my system to 10.8.5 I can't use it for more then 15-20 minutes. I can move the mouse, but I can't click everywhere. I have to reset my system from the button. With the last 10.8.3 everything was ok, never a crash. I have some errors in console but I don't know how...
  11. angy82

    p8p67 deluxe no audio after update to 10.8.3

    Hello. After an update to 10.8.3 my audio isn't working anymore. I'm using DSDT-ASUS-P8P67-DELUXE-2103 and my bios is 2103 (never updated). In system preferences ---> sound I don't have internal speaker anymore. What I can do? I have attached also a screenshot (sorry for italian...
  12. angy82

    still problems with usb 3 and m.l. 10.8.2

    still problems with usb 3 and m.l. 10.8.1 After a month with mountain lion everything seems to be working except usb 3.0 I got many errors in console regarding pxhcd. My mb is ASUS P8P67 DELUXE v3.0 and this is the controller: NEC® USB 3.0 What I can do? I'm unable to use any hdd :-(...
  13. angy82

    too many errors in console

    after a successfully installation of mountain lion 10.8 everything seems to be ok, but I have many errors in system.log I have attached a fresh log with some errors. I hope that somebody can see it. Thanks in advance
  14. angy82

    my hackintosh hangs after standby

    After a new installation of Mountain Lion I can't leave my hackintosh in stanby becasue it hangs and I'm unable to restore it. I have to reboot my pc. I have tried with a usb mouse and keyboard, but no change. What I can do?
  15. angy82

    problem with usb

    Hello. Finally I'm running on Mountain Lion, but sometimes I'm unable to use any usb disk/hard disk. I have to reboot 2-3 times to get usb working. This is the log: 06/08/12 14:40:07,000 kernel[0]: PXHCD 0xffffff81d1a7d000::DeviceInitialisation - unable to get slot id 06/08/12...