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  1. DanRamone

    DanRamone First Build > ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO - i7-8700K - Radeon Sapphire rx560

    DanRamone First Audio Workstation Build: ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO - i7-8700K - Radeon Sapphire rx560[/B] Components (I order everything on, so the link is exactly what I ordered) Asus...
  2. DanRamone

    Case NZXT i700 Smart Device

    Hi guys, i just received this case and there is this small box inside that is called Smart Device and runs with an app called CAM that's only for windows. My question is, do i have to remove this device from the case and direct connect all the fans to the motherboard? or it's just working...
  3. DanRamone

    Coffelake Build advices

    Hello! I need to buy a new hackintosh for music production purposes. Here is my list, i would like to have some advice if this configuration could work: Asus ROG MAXIMUS x Hero Gaming Motherboard Socket 1151 Intel I7-8700 K 8th Gen Core i7 – 8700 K Processor Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Single...
  4. DanRamone

    Hackintosh for music production questions for noob

    Hi guys! I need to build a hackintosh for music production, using Cubase 8 and Ableton 9.7 on 3 monitors, no need for gaming or any other use beside music production. I'm mac user since 10 years and i'm absolutely no updated to the latest pc components, so i have some probably really basic...