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  1. jpz4085

    Help needed- Multi boot windows and mojave same SSD

    Try following my guide in this forum. It's intended for exactly this issue. Only mess with the contents of the EFI partition if you can't keep Clover functioning any other way.
  2. jpz4085

    Clover Reset PRAM?

    Depends on whether you're using emulated or native NVRAM. If using native there is no file and F11 clears the physical memory of Apple and Clover settings/variables. If you're using Clover emulated it should be saved as an nvram.plist file at the root of the EFI partition (if I remember...
  3. jpz4085

    Upgrade multiboot Macos to Catalina with Clover

    On the Clover menu, select the Catalina install option, hit the space bar and choose verbose mode. Boot and see where the loading process stops.
  4. jpz4085

    [Solved]Help!! This noob ****ed up. Accidentally loaded Clover on to my legit iMac

    I'd suggest press 'Option' when booting the iMac and try to start your macOS drive directly if you haven't already. If that works then mount the EFI partition and delete Clover.
  5. jpz4085

    is it possible to define the default Linux boot arguments in CLOVER?

    Hi @lucianoiam you might want to have a look at the config.plist file I posted here a while back. It provides an example of a custom entry with arguments for Ubuntu. You'd need to adjust the volume name and path for your installation.
  6. jpz4085

    Adding Arch Linux boot entry disables Clover theme and filters?

    I edited your config file with the Arch Linux entry you have above. The XML formatting is now correct so see how it works for you.
  7. jpz4085

    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    OK, I edited my original reply so just try the suggestion about disconnecting the drives while installing and worry about Clover and boot order issues last.
  8. jpz4085

    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    Probably best to start with macOS first then Windows and Linux from my experience. If using separate disks the order shouldn't matter but disconnect or disable the others when installing each operating system. Install Clover last and create the firmware boot entry as the final step.
  9. jpz4085

    Dual boot help

    This might be worth a try. I encountered a similar situation that was caused by having the integrated graphics enabled in addition to the PCIE graphics card. Clover seems to have issues with this configuration on some motherboards and disabling the integrated graphics in the Windows Device...
  10. jpz4085

    Dell Latitude 6430u

    Hi @click0230, you might want to try using the EFI files I posted here for an E6230. The hardware is very similar and it might at least give you a decent starting point.
  11. jpz4085

    Blinking underscore post clover

    I'm not sure why you tried to exit the Clover menu but when booting straight to it there's nowhere to exit. You could reinstall Clover in legacy mode from either Multibeast or the stand alone legacy Clover package in the downloads section. That would correct MBR/boot sector issues. However if...
  12. jpz4085

    Solved > Setting default boot volume seems to be ignored....

    Are you sure it doesn't say "macOS Install" and not "Macintosh Install" in the description? It could be on the Preboot volume which you can hide but not delete. Or it could be in a folder on your root volume called "macOS Install Data" if updates downloaded automatically. But that should have...
  13. jpz4085

    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    If you don't boot Windows does the Clover entry survive more than two restarts and a shutdown? Does it disappear from the list only when starting Windows? If so then we can probably rule out NVRAM issues. You might want to post before and after screenshots of EasyUEFI when trying this.
  14. jpz4085

    [Guide] How to keep Clover working when installing Windows and Linux

    Provide some details on (or update your profile with) the systems such as make/model chipset. Which method(s) were used?
  15. jpz4085

    clover problem after linux installation

    You need double backslashes in the file path and remove the quotation marks. Check and make sure your disk/partition selection is correct.
  16. jpz4085

    [Guide] Laptop backlight control using AppleBacklightFixup.kext

    One obvious problem I can see is your current config.plist has the wrong SMBIOS. You should probably be using MacBookPro14,3 and definitely not iMac18,1 so change that and see what happens. Also you don't actually need AppleBacklightFixup.kext and can remove it since WhateverGreen.kext does the...
  17. jpz4085

    Toshiba Laptop Brightness and Power Management Issues

    Not much else I can think of at this point. How are you trying to change the brightness?
  18. jpz4085

    Toshiba Laptop Brightness and Power Management Issues

    Yeah don't use that other brightness guide as it uses ACPIBacklight.kext which is obsolete. You can also remove the GFX0 to IGPU rename from ACPI in config.plist too. Displays looks right to me. From what I see in your IOReg you appear to be using both AppleBacklightFixup.kext and...
  19. jpz4085

    Toshiba Laptop Brightness and Power Management Issues

    You are if you're using the config.plist in the archive you attached. Open it in Clover Configurator go to ACPI/Fixes click 2 and deselect it. You want either SSDT-PNLF.aml or possibly the "Brightness Fix (HD3000/HD4000)" from MaciASL -Patch - RehabMan Laptop. Similar process for adding the DTGP...
  20. jpz4085

    Toshiba Laptop Brightness and Power Management Issues

    You might want to look at the link in the "Arrandale/1st gen Intel HD" section of the laptop install guide if you haven't already. Your IOReg info for the Intel IGPU framebuffer looks incomplete to me. I would expect to see index/port entries under IGPU but there's nothing there. If there's more...