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  1. Patrik1972

    Almost success! Doesn't want to boot after Multibeast.

    Hi, Thank you for reading my post! I have managed to install High Sierra 4 times now, but each time after that I've run Multibeast, it doesn't want to restart again for various reasons. This time the problem is that the boot screen with the Apple logo completes about 60%, then it stops for a...
  2. Patrik1972

    Stuck on spinning wheel when installing

    I have a MSI Z270-A Pro MB so I know I have to ad OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi file to the EFI-folder, which I've done. I've plugged the DP directly to the iGPU and unplugged the power to my Nvidia GPU. I had to change the setting for the Initiate Graphic Adapter to IGD for it to ignore the GPU...
  3. Patrik1972

    Black screen after Clover menu

    I got High Sierra installed and running. Messed around and was able to get ethernet to work but no sound yet and that the load screen where you type in your password on the OS was flashing and blinking. This as well as that it went to Stop sign every other time after it loaded for a while. But...