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  1. ordnajela

    1st build help, loading fail after gtx 970 web drivers install

    Hi guys this is my second attempt to finish my build, this time with El Capitan (I found out the hard way that I can't instal Mavericks with my hardware) , everything went fine until I installed the Nvidia Graphics Card drivers for my GTX 970 I was following this method precisely...
  2. ordnajela

    First build help, Not able to reach the installer (Apple logo freeze)

    Hi guys, Im new to the hackintosh world, Just attempted my first installation but as the title of this post states I can't reach the installer I have tried the flags; GraphicsEnabler=No, -v , -x, npci=0x3000, PCIRootUID=0, maxmem=4096, nv_disable=1 and -no-zp Nothing has worked sofar Am I...