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  1. surenmunoo

    Audio not working on Mojave

    Hi Guys, I have an msi board h110m vh pro with an i3 7100 cpu, i installed mojave and it works except my sound, i have a graphics card and built in intel graphics, with the intel i am have issues with pixelization etc when on the web and with videos and no sound with the nvidia geforce gt620 the...
  2. surenmunoo

    Update from HS to Mojave Starts But ReBoots Back to the Clover Boot Screen

    For some reason mine is giving issues after the update. I went from High Sierra to the Mojave latest. But, when I reboot, it starts the loading bar and boots back to Clover. There is no way it takes me to the Desktop. It looks like have to do a clean install. Any suggestions before I wipe and...
  3. surenmunoo

    Solved > Dell Latitude E5430 i5 Ivy Bridge - Working Mojave

    Hi, I had High Sierra running on my Dell E5430 i5 with no issues, after upgrading to Mojave now the sound does not work shows no sound output available
  4. surenmunoo

    Msi H110M Pro Vh i3 7100 KabyLake

    Hi All, First time posting here and in desperate need of some help. I have got the high Sierra to work on my msi h110m pro vh-plus i3 7100cpu kabylake board (Intel), but my graphics is pixelating and glitchy and also I have no sound out through the cdmi port at all, can someone Kindly help me, I...