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  1. cowcowpod

    Radeon RX570 black screen after wake - RadDeInit doesn't work?

    Hi, I recently got an MSI Armor Rx570, and it works mostly OOB. I know it's a non-reference design, so the ports are different that what MacOS expects, but I have WEG for that. It successfully goes to sleep, but on wake there is no Video output, and the same with other ports. It usually reboots...
  2. cowcowpod

    [Guide] Mojave on Zenbook S14 (X411U, S410U)

    This is a very brief guide until I can flesh it out. There are other guides for very similar computers; this is more of a proof that it works. Intel i7-8550U, UHD620 Nvidia MX150 8 GB RAM (up to 16) What works: WiFi (replaced with DW1560) Sleep, lid sleep Power management Keyboard backlight...
  3. cowcowpod

    [Guide] Mojave on Optiplex 9020 SFF w/ RX550

    This guide is for the Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF, with an RX550. You can get it working with only the internal Intel HD graphics as well. YOU MUST have a DVI (or DP) cable. The Optiplex 9020 does NOT have an HDMI out, and VGA doesn't work. This cable can be attached to the discrete GPU, or one of...
  4. cowcowpod

    Solved > [Help] 10.14.4 UHD 620 random panic, AppleIntelKBLGraphicsFramebuffer

    Solved - reinstalled MacOS 10.14.3, restored from backup, updated to 10.14.4. It was probably an issue with a corrupted driver or kext.. Hi! My hack panics in later boot stages, or randomly afterwards if it boots properly. I've tried spoofing to Skylake but it's pretty much the same. According...
  5. cowcowpod

    Solved > Stuck at gray screen with cursor/mouse

    Fixed by installing Rehabman's fork of VoodooTSCSync. *sigh* this took me way too long. Hi! My device hangs at a gray screen, with a movable mouse (and since it's an installer, there's legal text at the bottom). I've found numerous similar posts, most of which point to graphics. The actual...
  6. cowcowpod

    Hang/stuck installer usb before language selection screen (Asus Vivobook S410U UHD620 i7-8550U)

    Deleted, moved here
  7. cowcowpod

    [Guide] ASUS Zenbook UX360CA (Mojave/High Sierra)

    This is a guide for the Kabylake ASUS UX360CAK-AH51T, on Mojave and High Sierra. Should work for the CPU m3/i7 models as well. This is completely based off of 'dynamic' or 'clover' patching, as such it is less dependent on DSDT changes, as such it should work better over time. This guide relies...
  8. cowcowpod

    [Help] Mojave UX360CA ugly graphics/blur

    Hi! I successfully upgraded my ASUS UX360 from HS to Mojave, but now have an issue with my graphics. I know it could be an issue due to it being a new OS.. but I find it unlikely (due to it working fine on another machine) The system specs are: i5-7y54 (Kaby lake, HD 615), BIOS 305 In the image...
  9. cowcowpod

    [Help] Brightness keys don't "work" (DELL)

    Hi! So I've got this old dell N5050 that I've gotten mostly to work - brightness slider is present and working in SysPrefs, however upon pressing FN+F4/5 aka brightness keys, the HUD shows up, and the brightness either stays the same or increases. System details: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Dell...
  10. cowcowpod

    [Help] internal USB keyboard ACPI remap

    Hi! So I've got an issue. My device, an ASUS FX503VD doesn't seem to have a PS2 keyboard. I've checked in Windows, as well as IOREG, and it appears that my device is on the USB bus. Also, my functions keys appear to be nonstandard for ASUS devices, as my brightness keys are f7 and f8, instead of...
  11. cowcowpod

    [GUIDE] MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on the ASUS FX503VD

    This is a quick guide for the ASUS FX503VD. If you need any help, please post below. :D CPU: i7-7700HQ GPU: Intel HD 630, GTX 1050 (doesn't work) This requires you follow and understand Rehabman's guide...
  12. cowcowpod

    [Help] Battery hotpatch

    Addendum to title: FX503VD :/ I can't seem to get my battery hotpatched; I've followed Rehabman's guide, to convert my static DSDT patches to SSDT/hotpatches, which has worked fine for my touchpad, GPRW-sleep, dGPU...
  13. cowcowpod

    [Help] USB devices, Bluetooth, WiFi stop working after sleep

    Hi! My setup (ASUS ux360cak, MacOS 10.12.6) works almost perfectly, except for that sometimes after sleep, USB all USB devices, WiFi, and Bluetooth stop working. Usually, Bluetooth is the first to go - a squiggly line through it. After an additional sleep, WiFi goes. And sometimes, almost at...
  14. cowcowpod

    [HELP] MacBook10,1 Recommended USBX power values

    I followed Rehabman's guide (, and it injects successfully - however I'd rather not use the MacBook7,1 values (as it is a completely different machine?), and I cannot find a MacBook10,1 IOReg dump...
  15. cowcowpod

    [Help] Can't get my DW1560 Bluetooth to work (read more)

    SOLVED: A combination of: A. ensuring that the antennas are correct (or going into range), and B. USB INJECTION VIA SSDT. I simply put had too many USB ports :D To be precise, bluetooth is detected, and powers on. However, it cannot see other (or discover) any other Bluetooth devices. I can...
  16. cowcowpod

    [Guide] MacOS Sierra and High Sierra on the ASUS UX360CA-AH51T

    New guide for Mojave here: It's (a better guide) for High Sierra too.
  17. cowcowpod

    [Guide] Mojave on ASUS K501UW-AB78

    Blahblab legal stuff, I am not liable for any damages that incur from the use of this guide. Updated 04/06/19: Mojave! Updated 04/08/19: fix DSDT, switch to AppleALC, ig-platform 0x191b -> 0x1916 This is written for the Asus K501UW-AB78: CPU: i7-6500U GPU: Intel 520, Nvidia GTX960M (not...