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  1. Tho

    Still waiting for the root device... error

    I installed El Capitan on my Intel Core 2 Duo HP desktop and few days later I turn on File Vault and it restart with banned logo. I booted with verbose mode and it said: "Still waiting for the root device..." and banned logo. I can't doing anything with this error. Please help me!
  2. Tho

    DVD Drive not recognized - OS X El Capitan

    I have HL-DT-ST DVDROM DH18NS40 DVD drive but in OS X 10.11 in System Info -> SATA/SATA Express this device was recognized with the name: Unknown and in Disc Buring tab it said this Mac doesn't have any Disc Burning Device. This PC is my old Desktop HP FT975AA-AB4 a6718l, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB...
  3. Tho

    Solved > Can't make sure that the VGA port working on Laptop (Hackintosh)

    I can't make sure that the VGA port working on my Laptop (Hackintosh) because when I installed Windows my home's VGA cable doesn't working and now I've installed macOS Mojave and inject NVIDIA and it said Sony GeForce.
  4. Tho

    My Laptop can't wake from sleep

    Please help me! My Laptop can't wake from sleep mode! (Hackintosh Mojave) I disable Hibrenate, etc. but it isn't working -_-
  5. Tho

    Upgrade to SSD and 8 GB RAM then can't install macOS Mojave with Unibeast

    Before I upgrade my hardware i install macOS Mojave on my laptop with Unibeast and changed the SMBIOS... now I can't boot the Installer.
  6. Tho

    Solved > .

  7. Tho

    Solved > Cannot add battery status on Mojave

    I'm running Mojave but the SMBIOS sets to iMac14,2 so I installed lots of different kexts but is didn't show. How can I fix it? (I installed Mojave with Unibeast on Laptop)