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  1. hreggi89

    Ignore Clamshell state changes - keep display On (MBP Retina 2012 a1398)

    Hi Users. I've tried three different Mac forums for help (iFixit, Apple Users and Developers) but have yet to receive an answers that helps me fix the problem. I just got a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro given to me which was a god-send because my early-2008 MBP really wasn't cutting it anymore. Some...
  2. hreggi89

    Black screen after installing RC Script

    I have very strange problem. I installed Clover's RC script for the first time yesterday to get iCloud working and all was fine until I tried to boot the machine today, after I chose boot partition in Clover the screen went black and nothing else happened. I though the problem might be the...