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  1. jvxr

    Ehternet link aggregation

    I have a z77n-wifi board with dual GBE ports on it. I am trying to setup a bonded (link aggregated) ethernet interface. On creating the bond It does not go active. The bond complains of no partner. However I have tested the same hardware on linux with adaptive loadbalancing - has anyone had luck...
  2. jvxr

    Primary display issues

    Have a weird issue with my hackintosh; sometimes on resuming from sleep, the primary display goes into a mode that shows a screen with those fuzzy white dots, like a tv channel that has no signal. Some other times, the display switches on and off. When I tried to take a screenshot of the issue...
  3. jvxr

    GA-Z77N sleep problems

    Built my first hackintosh, so far it has been great except for 2 minor gripes 1a) Manual CMD+ALT+eject sleep seems to shut the machine down, on resuming the display does not get initialized. 1b) If I leave the system idle it turns of the monitor and later 'shuts' the computer down , on...
  4. jvxr

    GA-Z77N dual display without installing additional graphics card ?

    My hardware is based off the Chip build, I am waiting for my build to arrive and will be setting it up over the weekend; meanwhile I've a question for the long-timers here. Has anyone ran ML using the inbuilt /onboard graphics card with dual monitors (via HDMI) ? I am just looking for dual...