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  1. golfleep

    Golfleep's 4790K mini-ITX iMac G4

    The Finished Build After putting together a video editing hackintosh earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to put together a second hackintosh to serve as a render node for Final Cut Pro X distributed encoding. I had been planning on a mini-ITX build to keep the form factor small. In the...
  2. golfleep

    17" iMac G4 monitor - question about color depth

    I have a 17" iMac G4 that I'm in the process of modding, and I was able to convert the TMDS to DVI conversion as outlined in dremel junkie's site without any problems. To test the conversion, I have it connect to a Mac mini via thunderbolt to DVI cable. Recognized as "iMac Display" with a 1440 x...