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  1. tdknl

    Can i work with a stripped g5 case, as in totally empty?

    Hi there folks, I was just wondering, I can buy a g5 case for €50, but it's totally stripped, empty inside. Can I work with this if I order the Mobo tray and backplate? Or do I need the original cables to be there for the front i/o, and the tray for the psu etc.. _ noob question out tdknl
  2. tdknl

    Ready to start first build:) Motherboard Noob questions..what's the difference?

    Hello, future build-fellows:) Im a total noob and this is my first build. Ive been researching here and am about to by the components but have no idea wich (Gigabyte)MB to buy, and why. Im going to follow slugnets video editor golden build as close a possible this will be a After Effects /...