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  1. suffering

    Dell Optiplex 3020/7020/9020 High Sierra Installation

    Can some with a working 7020 with the i5 share your EFI folder? Im getting an invalid CPU error on booting the installer (trying to do vanilla and not beast tools) I want to see whats different
  2. suffering

    Sleep on lid close causing panic and reboot

    Still having issues. Im not sure whats causing this.
  3. suffering

    Sleep on lid close causing panic and reboot

    Sleep used to be 100% on this machine, but then i tried Catalina it was too much of a beta for me. I redid Mojave with a reformat, reinstalled the needed kexts in L/E, reusing the good working DSDT from before since the EFI partition wasnt touched. I noticed things were wonky because after...
  4. suffering

    My Dell Monitor is too dark on Mojave

    kexts should be installed to L/E. Hasnt been S/L/E in a while
  5. suffering

    Issue w/ ELAN touchpad (intermittently working)

    Do you have windows on this machine? You should be able to determine if the touchpad is I2C or not and its device ID. Just having TPD0 in the DSDT doesnt necessarily mean that its your device.
  6. suffering

    Dell Vostro 14 5481

    Since you are using VirtualSMC.kext anyway, get rid of ACPIBatteryManager.kext. It is known to cause issues with VoodooI2C. Use SMCBatteryManager.kext (its bundled with VirtualSMC.kext when you download virtualsmc) in its place. I had a lot of jumpy/glitchyness until i swapped it out and got...
  7. suffering

    Sidecar feature missing in system preference

    Ugh, that explains a lot. When i had Catalina and iPadOS installed, i couldnt get Sidecar to see the iPad at all. The iPad is on my wifes Apple ID. Really dont like this "feature" :(
  8. suffering

    Help me fix sleep issues

    i downgraded back to Mojave until Catalina is a bit more stable, but concerning what you found: 1. Didnt realize this, but can definitely give it a try. 2. Will update 3. I have the two satellite kexts per @ben9923 . VoodooI2CCHID.kext is for the touchscreen, VoodooI2CSynaptics.kext is for...
  9. suffering

    Solved > Catalina Public Beta 2 installation hangs.

    There is a known issue with SMCBatteryManager.kext with Beta 2. Remove it and it should boot. Downside is you lose battery status until its fixed. But i'd rather have that then a system that doesnt boot at all.
  10. suffering

    Help me fix sleep issues

    Spoke too soon, apparently earlier it wasn't actually sleeping yet. After letting it sit for a few minutes, it will not wake up on lid open, trackpad press, or power button. Shutting down via power button is the only way to get it working again.
  11. suffering

    Help me fix sleep issues

    Either way, seems to be sleeping and waking now. Ill give it some more testing but so far it seems to have done the trick.
  12. suffering

    Help me fix sleep issues

    getting the following: brian@Brians-MacBook-Pro ~ % sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage rm: /var/vm/sleepimage: is a directory brian@Brians-MacBook-Pro ~ % sudo mkdir /var/vm/sleepimage mkdir: /var/vm/sleepimage: File exists brian@Brians-MacBook-Pro ~ % sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 Warning: Idle sleep...
  13. suffering

    Help me fix sleep issues

    So, sleep has ultimately been my #1 problem so far. I don't have proof, but I believe it to be related to why my got corrupted (ended up having to reformat). What happens is: When I press sleep from menu, or close lid, the screen will turn off and the machine will look to be...
  14. suffering

    kernel panic on upgrade

    Anyway I could get a copy of Finder quit working and now wont work regardless of what i try. I want to try replacing the app
  15. suffering

    kernel panic on upgrade

    AppleALC from Mojave now works by adding -lilubetaall and -alcbeta bluetooth now working as well. Bluetooth requires BRCMBluetoothInjector.kext as well from here
  16. suffering

    kernel panic on upgrade

    I grabbed those kexts, and put bcrmpatchram2.kext and bcrmfirmwarerepo.kext in there but its not wanting to kick on. I can see it in USB section of system report, but nothing appears in the bluetooth section. Ill have to play around to see if i missed a step. AppleALC, my codec doesnt like...
  17. suffering

    kernel panic on upgrade

    was able to get wifi back up and running. I was using fakesmc because virtualsmc was giving kernel panics too. i forgot to update virtualsmc.efi, while i was in there i updated lilu and whatevergreen again just in case. now with everything updated virtualsmc and airportbrcmfixup.kext are...
  18. suffering

    kernel panic on upgrade

    i was able to boot by pulling my ssd and putting it in an external enclosure and zapping the offending old kexts from l/e. Putting new version of airportbrcmfixup.kext in clover/kexts/others (even with boot-args) results in PR
  19. suffering

    Solved > AirportBrcmFixup - kernel panic on Catalina

    This isnt working for me at all. If AirPortBrcMFixup is in Clover/Kexts/Other (or l/e) at all itll give a kernel panic. brcmfx-driver=1 in boot-args doesnt change the kernel panic. I cant even get PR files, trying to install gen_debug im getting MacBook-Pro:~ brian$ sudo curl -o...