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  1. Lansmac

    Solved > H370M DS3H only.

    Hi all! I am really getting confused by too many posts in too many guides... As a (dutch) not native english person I really have trouble understanding all info on the forum. Especially since the tools are changing rapidly. You never know if you can use a post from july 2018 (probably outdated...
  2. Lansmac

    Solved > Cannot boot Mojave after using Multibeast first time

    Hi, I am not a very experienced installer. Have been trying the standard guide for installing Mojave, with unibeast and multibeast. Can get mojave installed with Unibeast. But then, when I use multibeast, and startup from the ssd, the clover screen starts and the apple screen starts.. But then...
  3. Lansmac

    GA-H97N-wifi LAN ports

    Hi all, I am quite a new, but I got my Gigabyte GA-HN97N-WIFI properly working. Bios is set properly. I Can only get 1 LAN port working (LAN 1). But Lan 2 doesn't work. Any suggestions? Any help appreciated! The are my multibeast settings: MultiBeast Configuration - 2016-01-28...