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  1. carpman

    install clover on usb drive from MBP

    Hi, trying to install clover on sata drive connected via usb3 external driver bay, the drive already has efi partition. Clover does not even see the usb drive as install destination? Note multibeast fails when trying to install to this drive, though does at least see it an install destination...
  2. carpman

    GA-Z77X-UP5-TH + HD4000 on HS

    Hi, ok after much hassle i have a working booting install on my GA-Z77X-UP5-TH, with i7 3770 3.4 using onboard HD4000 graphics. (sig says RX560, will add that after get HD4000 working) System boots nice and fast, but system reports graphics as being Intel HD 2000 8 mb? I have correct bios...
  3. carpman

    HS Clover boot issue GA-Z77X-UP5-TH

    Hi, ok i have managed to get HS installed on this motherboard using the integrated graphics, will add rx560 when boot ok, problem is that i can only boot it from usb drive? I had to edit usb drive clover config to enable: Acpi -> Fix Shutdown = yes Fix Headers = yes Fix IntelGFX = yes It...
  4. carpman

    [Solved] Fault CR2 CPU

    Hi, my sierra install on ga-z77x-up5-th suddenly would only boot into black screen, tried some boot options and got black screen with no entry! Time for an update i thought, backed up SSD OS drive, ordered a powercolor Radeon RX 560 4gb, downloaded latest unibeast and multibeast for High Sierra...
  5. carpman

    Epson printers not working?

    Hi, my epson 4800 pr0 printers are no working since Yosemite upgrade? MB Gigabyte GA Z77X UP5 TH I reset printing and installed 4800 driver from epson website. I can add my 4800 USB printer, can even check ink levels, but it will not print? Can not do cleaning routing either? If...
  6. carpman

    Issues opening and saving files, dialog window crashes

    Hi, ever since updating to mavericks i have been having issues opening and closing files! The problem occurs when trying to select a folder to open from or save too, the file open/save window just crashes. Here is the first bit from error message after such a problem Process...
  7. carpman

    setting keepsyms=y

    Hi, just installed maczfs and it is recommend to have keepsyms=y For macs it can be set via sudo nvram boot-args="-v keepsyms=y" what is best for hackintosh? thanks
  8. carpman

    Z77X-UP5th Icloud app store itunes game center etc no login ?

    New system Z77X-UP5th I7 2600 Enermax Naxn ENM850EWT Corsair 2x8gb CML16GX3M2A1600C10 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti OC Rev 2 LiteOn IHAS124-04 24x DVD±R, 8x DVD±DL, DVD+RW x8/-RW x6, DVD-RAM x12, SATA 120gb Corsier Force 3 SSD 4x750gb Hitachi drives used for zfs raid running ML...
  9. carpman

    10.8.2 gtx 560 ti opencl / cuda setup

    Hi, i finally got my new system installed and am trying to get it fined tuned and tested before app install and data transfer. Sytem is GA Z77X UP5 TH i7 2600 2x8gb corsier low profile 120 ssd GTX 560ti 1gb I had no end of issues with the onboard graphic during install, though was...
  10. carpman

    New build - any issues with these parts?

    Hi, i going to build a new hackintosh, currently running a build on gigabyte GA X48 DQ6 New specs are GA-Z77X-UP5-TH i7 2600 16gb 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 16GB 2x 8GB CML16GX3M2A1600C10 1600MHz DDR3 Memory Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti OC Rev 2 LiteOn IHAS124-04 24x DVD±R, 8x...
  11. carpman

    hard drive order

    Hi i ave running hackintosh using gigabyte x48-dq6, this has 6 sata ports on one controller and 2 on another. The controller with 2 i am using for esata. The other six i am suing for internal drives 0 oxs lion 10.7.2 (ssd) 1 win and linux 2 zfs raidz 3 zfs raidz 4 zfs raidz 5 zfs raidz The...
  12. carpman

    working system no longer boots?

    Hi, i applied the aperture and java update and now my system will not boot? It starts to load but stops at the spinning line in top left corner of screen, any ideas? I have a clone of system on another drive, but it is a bit out of date, i can boot from it, but not sure what to look for to...
  13. carpman

    lion install, chimera question

    Hello, follow the guide for lion xmove and multibeast using girlfriends mac air with my sad as external drive. Have got to the xmove part fine and moved to the installer partition, not sure what it means by 'boot to chimera'? I tried installing chimera to the mac air and rebooting but it just...
  14. carpman

    Time for a hackintosh. Some questions on X48-DQ6

    Hello, i am going to try and installe Lion on my system Gigibyte GA Intel E8400 SB Audigy 2 Intel Pro 1000 nic Areca 1210 raid card. I have a 12gb ssd drive ready for OSX, i am running this off the motherboard sata controller not the areca. Question, which sata controller to use as there...