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  1. zadragon

    Solved > Intel HD630 with WhateverGreen - Booting to Black

    Hi. In a previous thread, I attempted to install Mojave on my Clevo N850HP6. This time, I tried once again to upgrade to Mojave from High Sierra, and could get through installation using a faked ig-platform-id (0x12345678). Unfortunately, I am once again facing the same problems of booting to...
  2. zadragon

    Upgrading to Mojave from High Sierra Kernel Panic - Clevo N850HP6

    Hi there, I managed to build my Hackintosh in High Sierra, and went through all minor upgrades with no issues. Now I am trying to transition to Mojave, and I followed some of the steps detailed here to upgrade: I updated Clover from r4411 to r4701 (RehabMan fork) manually. This is because my...
  3. zadragon

    [Guide] Clevo N850HP6 with High Sierra

    Introduction As a first-time Hackintosh builder, I was challenged with the task of transitioning a relatively lesser-known laptop brand. However, thanks to the many guides and help threads on the forum (thanks @RehabMan), I was able to build and tweak to my desired level of functionality (~95%)...
  4. zadragon

    [Solved] Clevo N850HP6 Intel HD 630 - No External HDMI

    Hi everyone, First-timer here. After following the guides on this forum (thanks Rehab) I have managed to boot into a functioning High Sierra with Clover. Everything seems to be running smoothly except for one problem I can't seem to find any other recent threads on - when I plug the HDMI cable...