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  1. bmas

    Remap / retasking ..onboard jacks / ports

    Hi to all :) My FrontSpeaker (Green Rear output) of the soundcard is broken, so I want to Reamap the Black Rear as FrontSpeaker. Here is what I do in Windows 7 - I remap RearBlack as FrontSpeaker with...
  2. bmas

    "Get info" and "Disk Utility" show different values

    Why is this happening? Disk Utility shows that space available is zero, but there is more than 10GB of free storage .. With my other partition where is my data is same. "Get info" show that there is more than 40GB of free space, but Disk Utility shows about 30GB .. PP: I dont...
  3. bmas

    HD4670 Detects HDMI TV, but no signal - Mavericks

    Hi all, I`ve got a problem and still no solution.. hope that somebody will help me. My hackintosh is with AMD HD4670 and everything is perfect but HDMI signal. I connect my TV trought HDMI, Mavericks detect everything fine, but I dont have signal to TV, just blank screen.... What...
  4. bmas

    Sapphire HD4670 & DVI Port; OS X Lion 10.7.3

    Hi all, I`ve got a small problem .. I cant use the DVI port on my HD4670 512DDR3 with "GraphicsEnabler"="yes", it just won`t show the screen after boot. Framebuffers (Flicker, Motmot, Peregrine, Vervet) with GE=yes/no dont do any work.. No problem with all ports with GE=no, but I apps like DVD...
  5. bmas

    Recovery HD Lion

    Hi all, After upgrade my 10.6.8 to Lion I saw that I haven`t got the "Recovery HD" partition, that is needed for "FileVault". :crazy: How can I create new "Recovery HD" partition?
  6. bmas


    Can I instal somehow "cdboot" from iBoot to EFI .. I think that if I can instal this file to EFI ... I`m not going to need from boot CD to preinstal my MacOS X.. Is it possible.. ?