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  1. RMTT

    Install windows with bootcamp failed.

    Now, i'm using opencore to boot macOS on my pc, and from oc's docs, maybe the best way to dual boot with windows is Boot Camp. But, when i use boot camp to create windows booting usb, it cannot download windows support softwares, the error log: Can’t install the software because it is not...
  2. RMTT

    How to enable HEVC encoding with HD530 on OpenCore

    The HEVC encoding can using in clover, but not works in OC.They have the same devicepropertites and same kexts. Have some methods to config it?
  3. RMTT

    Need Help! About ACPI methods.

    My touchpad of laptop always doesn't work, so i want to fix it. Today, I touch the touchpad when OS booting, and i see these log: Seems those method return a wrong value? And i find it on DSDT: Method (ECR2, 1, Serialized) { If (LEqual (ECLP, One))...
  4. RMTT

    SMCBatteryManager doesn't work.

    Hi,guys. I used the VirtualSMC to replace the FakeSMC,ACPIBatteryManager is replaced by SMCBatteryManager surely, and it works nice except the battery status. Actually, when i used ACPIBatteryManager and FakeSMC in the past,i followed the DSDT patching guide of Rehabman and then made a DSDT and...