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  1. MrDragon1

    Mavericks works great until Software update kills it.

    Hi all, Hope someone has a suggestion for me to repair this, because I'm stumped. I have had Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion all running perfectly on this system until now: Asus P7P55D i5 750 12GB DDR3 OCZ Vertex4 SSD 256GB and 3 HDs (no fusion drive) SSD Connected to Marvell...
  2. MrDragon1

    Patched DSDT for HP xw4600

    Hi all, Here is a patched DSDT.aml for a HP xw4600. Fixes USB, should fix sleep and some other issues. I can't claim this as my work though, I found a site where someone in Finland got this machine working and he was nice enough to share :D Have this working on my old HP.. Note on HP...
  3. MrDragon1

    Asus P7P55D Working with 3.8Ghz OC

    System in signature. Used TonyMac iBootCD Test2 (Nvidia) Installed multibeast and 10.6.2 combo update Voodoohda, vanilla 10.6.2, DSDT, etc DSDT was obtained from here: I've gotten everything working great with my setup, except my busratio seems...