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  1. envying

    Boot with USB plug-in won't be recognized until unplug & re-plugin

    Not sure this is just me. I have my Mojave upgraded to 10.14.1, and by using @RehabMan customized DSDT method. All working fine, until I reboot it with USB drive plugged in. USB drive won't be mounted automatically, I have to unplug in then re-plug back in to have it shown. Please help...
  2. envying

    [Solved] GA Z87N Wifi, Sierra Success?

    I have been staying on Yosemite for years, never thought of updating until recently. But I was having no luck to get Sierra boot up successfully, it always shows the CPU error then K/P, the reboot. Is my MB getting too old for it, or there is any trick to set it up. Thanks in advance.