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  1. macorange

    Order of installing triple boot OS. Should I remove existing SSD first?

    Hi, what is the recommended order of installing the three OS? Currently I have Windows 10 installed on a NVMe and Linux on a SATA III SSD. I may get rid of the SATA III SSD and install Linux on another new NVMe SSD. When installing Mac OS on a new 3rd SSD, should I remove those two existing SSD...
  2. macorange

    Using Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme and i9-9900K

    Hi, I have seen various success posts of using Gigabyte Z390's motherboards in various forums. However, I cannot find any guide on how to make a Hackintosh using the Z390 Xtreme. Given that they are all Gigabyte Z390 boards, is it a good idea to follow any installation guide that use other...
  3. macorange

    Will there be noticable difference using Samsung 860 EVO SATA III rather than 970 Evo NVMe?

    Hi, I have a Windows workstation (Gigabyte Xtreme Z390, i9-9900K). Will there be noticeable difference in using the Samsung 860 Evo SATA III vs. the 970 Evo NvME?
  4. macorange

    Lenovo Carbon X1 Gen 6, T480 or Yoga 920

    Hello, I am considering to buy a Thinkpad and Hackintosh it. Any success in running Hackintosh on any of the three Thinkpads? Which one do you recommend? Thanks
  5. macorange

    Any success in building a Hackintosh with Huawei Matebook X Pro?

    Hello, considering to buy the i7 version. Any success in making it a Hackintosh?
  6. macorange

    Is there an up-to-date list of laptops that are fully compatible with Hackintosh?

    Please provide the link if there is. I am interested in knowing if Carbon X1 Gen 6 and those Lenovo T/P series laptops are fully or almost fully compatible. Thanks
  7. macorange

    Once the Hackintosh is made, will users find issues later when it is too late?

    Hello, I am considering to build a Hackintosh. Can I move all the stuffs (files, programs and settings) from my MBP to the Hackintosh so that it replace my laptop? Perhaps cloning via backing up the MBP using TimeMachine and then restoring everything to the Hackintosh? One concern is that once...
  8. macorange

    Please recommend storage for triple-boot system

    Hello, I am ordering parts to build a Hackintosh workstation that has triple-boot ability (Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows). What storage configuration (e.g. Samsung 860/960 EVO/PRO SATA III SSD, NVMe m.2 SSD, one SSD for each OS, etc.) do you recommend? Main OS will be Ubuntu followed by Mac OS and...
  9. macorange

    What is the best way to make a triple-boot Hackintosh systems?

    Hello, I always make each of my Mac triple boots (Mac OS, Windows and Ubuntu Linux). If I want to do the same thing on the Hackintosh, what is the proper procedure? Is the a step by step guide? From what I gathered, it is easiest to have each OS on a separate drive.
  10. macorange

    Can Hackintosh automatically adjust to hardware changes?

    Hello, I have questions about changing hardware of a Hackintosh system. If I make the following changes, will Mac OS in Hackintosh adjusts itself automatically without the user going through re-installation of the OS? 1. If I change the RAM 2. I change the GPU 3. If I install Mac OS on a SSD...
  11. macorange

    Which Z370 motherboards support both Hackintosh and Ubuntu Linux?

    Hi, I want to build a Hackintosh using i7-8700K CPU. Could you please let me know which Z370 motherboards is compatible with both Hackintosh and Ubuntu Linux? If you don't know the Ubuntu, just Hacintosh answer is OK. Thanks
  12. macorange

    Is it better to use Apple's keyboard and mice when building a Hackintosh

    Hello, first time Hackintosh builder. I am using a Logitech Master MX2 mouse. I am planning to buy a Das 4 Professional Keyboard for my Hackintosh. Will there be a compatibility problem? Is it better to use Apple's keyboard and mice?
  13. macorange

    Please recommend motherboard for Intel i7-8700K Hackintosh

    Hello, I want to build a high end workstation using Intel i7-8700K CPU. Due to availability,could you please recommend three motherboards (ranked from top to bottom) that will work? Thanks.
  14. macorange

    Which is the best X299 motherboard to build a high-end Hackintosh?

    For building Hackintosh with i9-7900x, could you please tell me which is the best motherboard to use? Anybody motherboard that is fully functional including wifi?
  15. macorange

    i9-7900X, i7-7820X or i7-8700K

    Hello, I need some advice on building a powerful Hackintosh workstation with 1-2 Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU that can also run Windows and Linux. It looks like there have been successes in building Hackintosh systems based on any of these CPUs. Do they all run well without compatibility issue?