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  1. goldjungee

    From Problems to Full Guide GA-Z270X-UD3 - i5-7600 - Geforce 1070Ti

    Hi guys. I will document my way to a full working hackintosh. My System: GA-Z270X-UD3 i5-7600 Geforce 1070Ti 500GB SSD 750 Samsung 1. Create USB Using Unibeast 8.3.1 with High Sierra. 2. Disable Internal Graphics in Bios 3. Install 4. I installed the NVIDIA drivers using this thread...
  2. goldjungee

    [Need Help] GA-Z270X-UD3 - i5-7600K - GTX 1070

    Hi! This is my 3rd hackintosh. Back in 2012 i built one with the GA-z77-DS3h. That was pretty easy but with my new install i have problems. At the moment i am a little confused because the Kaby Lake was not supported before 10.12.6. Now i only find old guides where they inject a FAKE CPU...
  3. goldjungee

    "BOOM" - Sound Problem on Z77-DS3H

    FIXED "BOOM" - Sound Problem on Z77-DS3H Hi. I bought a new hackintosh with a z77-DS3H board and the sound is working. When a song ends exactly 30 seconds after it my speakers make this little "boom" sound. When i start the song again it gives this boom sound again. Its also when i start...
  4. goldjungee

    Installation Help first hackintosh

    Hello Community. First of all i want to thank everyone. Special thanks to tony. I reat a lot in this forum. I waited for the Buy Guide 2012 and ordered these things: CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K FAN: Thermalright HR-02 Macho AMD und Intel MBD: GA-Z77-DS3H RAM: 8GB Corsair 1600Mhz...