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  1. silkysmooth

    Hackintosh Does Not Shutdown Completely?

    After doing another fresh install on my SSD to find possible settings, I have found that the machine can not shutdown properly. The monitor goes black and the system appears to be off but the fans keep spinning. The same thing occurs in Windows 7 when booting through Chimera but not through the...
  2. silkysmooth

    Restart Automatically After Power Failure Option Missing in Sys Pref?

    Hey guys, so I just finished a fresh install on my 830SSD of Mountain Lion ( My second install on this drive). I used Migration Assitant to copy apps from a clone drive. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I also deleted my Sleep Image and disabled hibernation to avoid getting the...
  3. silkysmooth

    ScreenSaver not working?

    Hey guys, it seems that Screen Saver is not working on my new hackintosh. Not sure when did started occurring, I think it might have been after I disabled hibernation so that sleep images would no longer be created. The screen saver works manually via hot corners. This isn't a huge deal at...
  4. silkysmooth

    Sleep Image created when shutting down? - TRIM Related?

    Hey everyone, quick question. So I just got my Z77 hackintosh up and running and everything appears to working except that every time I shut down, a sleep image that takes up 18 GB is created. My guess as to why this is happening is because I am on 10.8.2 and TRIM is broken until the...
  5. silkysmooth

    GTX 670 - Youtube Playback

    Hey guys, so I've got my second Hackintosh up and running. Everything appears to be working fine. (I'm on 10.8.2) Except for Youtube playback and loading which seems to be way slower than on my old machine with a 9500gt. Could this be the site or something with the machine? I did not...
  6. silkysmooth

    GA-Z77X-UD5H Hangs with Unibeast on AppleHDAController

    So I just put together my second hackintosh and on unibeast boot it hangs at the AppleHDAController. Never really heard of this before. Unibeast is with 10.8 (should I do 10.8.2?) Here's my specs 3770k 16gb ram HD 4000 (Have a GTX 670 on its way as the last one smoked out)...
  7. silkysmooth

    Video Card Smoke - Power Supply or Video Card defect?

    Hey guys, dont know what subforum to put this on or even if I should even post this on Tonymacx86, but I love the community so yea. Well, I was building my new hackintosh (second hack) and when I went to boot it up, I heard a pop, saw a light, and the EVGA GTX 670 released smoked. I have...
  8. silkysmooth

    Delete Extra Folder and Kexts for New Install?

    Hey everyone, just have a quick question which I think the answers to is yes. Anyways, O'm about to upgrade my system to Ivy Bridge from 1156. And I wanted to know if just deleted my /Extra folder any extensions I installed through MB, I could boot up from Unibeast on the new system and just re...
  9. silkysmooth

    GUIDE - GA - P55 - USB3 rev 2 F8

    This is going to be a pretty basic guide mainly covering my multibeast settings and such. Specs: GA P55 USB3 REV 2 F* BIOS EVGA 9500GT CORE I5 750 Steps: 1. Create Unibeast drive (didn't have to install Legacy USB support, although it's fixed in new versions of Unibeast) 2. Set...
  10. silkysmooth

    It seems like Asus Z77 boards are relatively compatible?

    ASUS Z77 BOARDS Hey everyone, So I've been looking around at some Z77 boards and I've noticed that a lot of the Asus boards have compatible network and audio. Are these boards safe to call "compatible" are will there be some sort of UEFI or power-managent issues? I've seen a few builds...
  11. silkysmooth

    Do You Use PCI Expansion Cards?

    I'm interested in seeing what others use in terms of pci cards. What type of pci card do you use? (Sound, Network, Raid ect..) Why are you using it? How does it work (OOB or not)? Overall function in your system. Model numbers/links are appreciated. I currently use no pci cards. I'm...
  12. silkysmooth

    GA-Z77X-UD5H and 3770k

    Before I begin, I want to thank the forum and everyone for the continued hackintosh support, it has come a long way since I've joined. Anyways, I've been waiting for Ivy Bridge and now that its out, I'm ready to buy. Now I realize that full compatibility wont be available until Apple officially...
  13. silkysmooth

    Are Intell SSD's recommended?

    Hello everyone, I may be able to get an Intel SSD for half the price. Does anyone know if I will have any issues with them like trim and stuff of that nature. I don't see any under the customac builds so I just want to be sure. Thanks.
  14. silkysmooth

    SOLVED!!! Unibeast Help... PCI CONFIG BEGIN

    Hello everyone, before I begin I would just like to thank the forum for all the great supplies and the awesome community that allowed my hackintosh to get up and running about a year ago. So I've been running SL, although I have installed Lion previously using all 3 methods (Kake, Uni, and...
  15. silkysmooth

    Building A Xeon Hackintosh?

    Hello everyone, I'm not interested in building a xeon hackintosh, I'm just interested in knowing if it's possible and as easy as installing on 1155/1156 systems. I didn't know what subforum to put this in, so I figured buying advise was my best bet. I remember seeing a guide to xeon processors...
  16. silkysmooth

    Dual Boot? Install OSX on HD with Windows 7.

    Hello everyone, i'm running a great hackintosh thanks to this forum. I have a question out of pure curiosity: If I have a hard drive already running Windows 7, is there any way to create another partition and instal OSX on that partition. I've read Tony's guide, but as far as I know, that's...
  17. silkysmooth

    What do these console logs mean?

    Hey you guys, I noticed these logs in console and I don't know what they are. I think they're related to lnx2mac's network kext, ima go test the realtek kext. Thanks.
  18. silkysmooth

    [SOLVED!] System Increase 10 Degrees in Temperature?

    Hi, so i noticed today that my temps went up by about 10 degrees in stat (it's fine in bios) yesterday it was fine. So idk what could be the cause of this, ,my computer did randomly boot up this morning and the cmos got COMPLETELY reseted and everything went to IDE, so i had to change that and i...
  19. silkysmooth

    FCPX Causing Kernal Panics? [LION ONLY]

    Hello everyone, first off i would like to start off by saying thanks to the tonymac community for being able to install mac on my hack. Ive had for about a year now and Snow Leopard was dream. However, ever since I upgraded to lion (I've used every method) I've been getting KP's like nuts...
  20. silkysmooth

    Random Kernal Panics...Flash Related? buffer allocation

    Hi everyone, i've been getting kp's a lot more often then i did before (back in SL i practically never had them) I just had one rebooted and about 10 minutes later i got another one. I think it may be flash related but idk, i will post a picture of my console log to see if that helps. I already...