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  1. canalh3

    freeze and black screen with cursor

    Hi! after a few weeks without using my hackintosh i thought it was the time for a backup and create a usb bootloader. But today i started and the system frozen, i forced a restart and now it doesnt start. First I only see the cursor on a black screen without login screen and now the system also...
  2. canalh3

    HDMI audio on gtx 970 10.13.04

    Hi there, I'm trying to install hdmi audio o my hackintosh for more than a week. I've tried everything on internet and I would appreciate some help :) after running audio_cloverHDMI-130.command I got the following output: Last login: Sat Apr 21 08:30:09 on ttys000 Fernandos-iMac:~...