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  1. mrchrister

    [Success] Asus ROG Maximus Hero XI Z390 + i9-9900K + GTX 1070

    mrchrister's Build: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS HERO XI Z390 - i9-9900K - GTX 1070 Components Intel i7-9900K Processor Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler ASUS ROG MAXIMUS HERO XI Z390 (Wifi)...
  2. mrchrister

    [Guide] Asus Maximus XI Sound 10.13

    Hey guys, here are the two kexts you need to get sound working in High Sierra. Install with kextbeast to /Library/Extensions folder. Thanks as always to @toleda
  3. mrchrister

    [Solved] Asus Maximus Hero XI & i9-9900k install troubles

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install High Sierra on the following components - Asus Maximus Hero XI - i9-9900k - 32GB Ram - Nvidia 1070 I used the bios settings from storks Hero Build II. I created the installer with Unibeast. I managed to boot the installer but it gets stuck on "2 mins...
  4. mrchrister

    Lenovo Ideapad z560 ML 10.8.2 - cheap laptop with good compatibility

    Hey guys, laptop working brilliantly with 10.8.2! System used: Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 M37AQGE W7HP64 15.6" 1366 x 768 Core i5 430M, 2x 2.26 GHz 6 GB RAM 320 GB NVIDIA GeForce G 310M WLAN Atheros AR5BXB6 As you can see on the provided screenshots the laptop was modified in two ways: 1...
  5. mrchrister

    Disabling DP Audio on 10.7.4

    Hey Guys, I hope somebody can tell me how to disable DP Audio in 10.7.4 The problem is I have HDMI Audio + DP Audio. When I start my media center (XBMC) or restart the computer the audio always resets to the DP audio. Since I don't use this device I want to turn it off! It's quite annoying...
  6. mrchrister

    5770 HDMI/DP Audio in 10.7.2 problem

    Hey guys, I got HDMI Audio on 10.7.2 with Sapphire 5770. I have three monitors connected. One is a Plasma 42" to watch movies over Plex. My connections are Displayport -> Dell u2711 / DVI -> Dell u2711 / HDMI -> Plasma TV The Dell Monitors offer Audio over DP which is recognized by OSX. The...
  7. mrchrister

    2xGFX // ATI 5770 and NVIDIA GTX285 - Do they work together?

    I want to use Da Vinci Resolve, a professional Film Grading tool which needs CUDA from NVIDIA to work properly. It needs a minimum of 2 graphic cards: 1 for GUI, 1 for GPU power. So I bought a NVIDIA GTX285 as a second Graphics Card. I want to keep my ATI 5770 as my main graphics card. Since...