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  1. MacPack

    FCP 10.4 Share Fails / Xeon (no iGPU)

    I’ve searched and read a lot of things regarding failed shares (apple Devices 720 and 1080p, HVEC 10 bit works) in FCPX via High Sierra and such fixes by enabling the iGPU. What does one do when there is no IGPU? There are obviously real Macs that don’t have integrated graphics that are used...
  2. MacPack

    Audio issues

    About 2 months ago I bought a Club 3D DP ---> HDMI adapter so I could get audio (From the DisplayPort) out of my machine. It worked great. About 2 days ago I was moving the computer from one room to another and now the DP port won't output audio BUT the HDMI port now outputs audio no problem...
  3. MacPack

    OS X supports HDMI 2.0? Are we being screwed by Nvidia with these half assed drivers? Are people with AMD RX cards getting 4k 60hz via HDMI?
  4. MacPack

    DP and macOS - Unnecessary limitations

    What is up with apple imposing unnessaessry limitations on their hardware? No DisplayPort 1.3 (or .4) No DisplayPort daisy chaining ???? I understand the first one is a newer spec, but DP 1.2 is supported (half assed) by OS X and yet we can't daisy chain displays. This included Intel, AMD...
  5. MacPack

    Gigabyte GTX 1050 OC - 4th Monitor

    Any display gurus know why I can't use the second HDMI port (Furthest from DisplayPort) on my card? Currently three screens work great. If I plug something into the second HDMI port all the screens will blink for a second as it does when a new monitor is connected or disconnected. After the...
  6. MacPack

    PC Case with fixed Sata Ports

    I tried searching the interwebs as best I could for this but couldn't find anything relevant. I'm looking for a case that has fixed mounted sata ports for the HDD drives. Very much like the Mac Pro had. I want these internal, NOT like those external hot swap bays. Does anyone know of...
  7. MacPack

    Desktop Energy Prefs Pane with Macbook SMBIOS

    In order to get correct power management of my E3 1241v3 CPU I had to use the SMBIOS of a Macbook Pro 11,2. One disadvantage of doing such a thing is that the preference pane for "Energy" is for a Macbook/Portable machine. I would like to know if there is some terminal trick or other wizardry...