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  1. nhojb

    Bluetooth device will not wake Hack

    My displays wake up a second or two after the Hack. But only one keypress in total is required. Have you tried experimenting with the darkwake boot flag? I have no darkwake boot flag set (presumably uses macOS default). I did try various other darkwake boot flag values, but these did cause...
  2. nhojb

    Bluetooth device will not wake Hack

    After various failed attempts to find a fix, I have "solved" the problem by disabling the internal USB port (connected to Apple BCM94360CS2) and switched back to my ASUS Bluetooth USB dongle ( It's a workaround, but now I have...
  3. nhojb

    Hackintosh Immediately Wakes From Sleep Issues

    I have a very similar setup to you (Gigabyte Z390i AORUS). Installed an Apple BCM94360CS2 card yesterday. Initially had the same immediate wake from sleep issue. Marking the port (HS11 in my case) as internal (255) has fixed this. However, now my BT devices will not wake the Mac from sleep...
  4. nhojb

    Bluetooth device will not wake Hack

    To cut a long story short: - For the past few months I've been running with a ASUS bluetooth USB device plugged into my Hack. All worked fine. - Last night I "upgraded" to an authentic Apple BCM94360CS2 WiFi/Bluetooth card. Installed via a M.2 adaptor with USB connection (to an internal...
  5. nhojb

    Solved > Intel UHD 630 H.264 hardware encode/decode

    Solved this myself: Switching to iMac19,1 (or iMac18,3) fixes the hardware encoding/decoding with iGPU. Now both H.264 and HEVC are supported (QuickSync). Adding agdpmod=pikera boot flag enables 5K output via my RX580 GPU.
  6. nhojb

    Solved > Intel UHD 630 H.264 hardware encode/decode

    I recently finished my first Hackintosh build (thanks tonymacx86!). After some tinkering, pretty much everything is working well :-) However, the one issue I haven't been able to solve is getting the Intel UHD 630 IGPU to support H.264 hardware encode/decode. This also leads to an error when...
  7. nhojb

    Unstable boot (Couldn't allocate runtime area) when EmuVariableUefi-64 installed

    I had exactly the same issue (Gigabyte Aorus Z390-I WiFi). I wanted to enable NVRAM for correct system behaviour (sleep etc). OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi fixed the problem. I wonder if it would be possible to port the fixes to OsxAptioFixDrv3-64.efi...