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  1. vbo

    Slow wifi after sleep

    Pronlem: Wifi is considerably slower (transfer rate) after sleep. This is new since I upgraded to 10.11, I never had this issue with 10.10 on the same machine. I'm using a BCM94352Z connected to a 802.11n router at 300mbps on a 5GHz network (link speed as reported in OSX is the same before...
  2. vbo

    Laptop won't sleep/shutdown after a few hours of uptime

    Here's a weird one: I have perfect sleep/restart/shutdown on my laptop as long as I don't use it for too long :) After a few hours of uptime (makes no sense but I want to say the cutoff is about 2 or 3 hours), the laptop freezes on sleep/shutdown (screen goes dark, network interface goes down...
  3. vbo

    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9333 using Clover

    Initial Clover Install Since tonymac has a good guide on how to do the initial clover setup (, I'll just highlight what needs to be done differently for the XPS 13 9333 below. In other words, any...
  4. vbo

    Dell XPS 13 9333 (Haswell) - Clover install/DSDT 'guide'

    Update 10/29: Complete Yosemite guide posted here: Just installed 10.9.4 on my new dell XPS 13 9333. It's not 100% yet, but it's perfectly functional with QE/CI @ 1080p, native audio, etc.. I won't do a...