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  1. joanareis

    Z390 M Gaming - i7 8700k - High Sierra can't get IGPU to work properly

    Hi guys. I've been working on this build the past 2 days, but can't get Intel UHD 630 to be recognised. Appears 7mb vram I have both HDMI and DVI monitors. The plan is to have DGPU working also, I'm just trying to get the IGPU to work first, as I did in all my previous builds. Below are my...
  2. joanareis

    External drives appear as internal - El Captain - H170 gaming 3

    Hi guys I have just made this build with El captain GA H170 Gaming 3 ddr4 16gb ram GTX 960 4gb i5 6600 everything is working pretty well, I followed the instructions on this post by @mots...
  3. joanareis

    Thunderbolt build

    Hi guys, I want to build a new hack with thunderbolt, but it seems GA-Z97X-UD7-TH is no longer available. I have a build with this mobo and it works like a charm... Any suggestions on what to use now? Thanks:thumbup:
  4. joanareis

    RAM Recommendation - if not Crucial, which one?

    ​Hi guys.I have 3 hacks 2 with Corsair Vengeance RAM and another one with Crucial. The Corsair was a bit tricky because of the freezes and all, but now they work just fine. What brand would you recommend to use if Crucial RAM is not available? Thanks
  5. joanareis

    GA-Z87X-UD5H i74770K - Can't install/update 10.9.2 - kernel panic

    Hi guys. I installed Mavericks 10.9 without any problems on my hack, but I can't get to install 10.9.2 in anyway, when doing the update from 10.9 the kernel appears when trying to start from the HD tried to boot with some flags but did not do the trick when doing a clean install I can't even...
  6. joanareis

    ML won't boot (cloned hard drive)

    Hi guys I have the same build as this - TonyMac golden build I cloned the hard drive from another hack (i7 3770k and a Z77 up5 th mobo) to use in this new one, but I can get it to boot, ML installed, It stops at the apple logo, chimera 2.2 is installed. Already tried to boot in safe mode and...
  7. joanareis

    Unibeast 3.0.1 fail to install 10.8

    Hi guys, could you give me a little light on this? Thanks a bunch! :D Nov 27 18:16:17 Maquina14.local Installer[3112]: Install: "UniBeast Mac App Store" Nov 27 18:16:17 Maquina14.local Installer[3112]: Install: "Mac App Store Mountain Lion - 10.8" Nov 27 18:16:17 Maquina14.local...