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  1. coldharbor

    macOS Catalina Public Beta is Now Available

    How does the public beta differ from the developers' 2nd beta, if at all?
  2. coldharbor

    Name the Next macOS (10.15)

    macOS XS macOS Oxnard
  3. coldharbor

    iMac Pro X299 - Live the Future now with macOS 10.14 Mojave [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I am following the guide on page 1 the best I can (frankly, some of it is beyond my understanding). But I am using the latest and clover release. The UEFI settings on the 1st page did allow me to get the USB drive to be recognized and brought to the boot...
  4. coldharbor

    iMac Pro X299 - Live the Future now with macOS 10.14 Mojave [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

    Any ideas where I might go to get beyond this point in booting to the installer? i7800, Asus x299-e Gaming.
  5. coldharbor

    Solved > Can't get UniBeast thumb drive past this screen...

    Never mind. I manually built the boot thumb drive following the laptop installation guide and choosing the GPT route.
  6. coldharbor

    Solved > Can't get UniBeast thumb drive past this screen...

    This is on a Gigabyte Z77X UD5H which I borked trying to install Elementary OS that ends up not supporting the wi-fi in this unit. Mojave used to run just fine and I should've left it alone. I've tried UEFI only and Legacy only UniBeast thumb drives. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  7. coldharbor

    Solved > UniBeast USB Won't Boot

    How did you get the installer to boot?
  8. coldharbor

    [SOLVED] 10.13.2 update problem

    cmn699: I found this thread and your suggestion on page 1. Thank you so much for such a clear (and effective) explanation/solut
  9. coldharbor

    (success) - Z77X-UD5H 3570K - GTX 960 - SSD

    None of the above has worked for me. Running latest clover and can boot to either Sierra drive installations but cannot get to usb drive installer or hard drive installer screen. Usually get as far as Mach reboot or appleHDAD lines repeated when -v invoked. I have same MB and GTX960. Over the...
  10. coldharbor

    What was your primary reason for building a hackintosh?

    Started building with Windows in the 90's. Once Tiger came along, I dropped Windows forever as I abhor Microsoft. Linux, for me, remains inscrutable but was helpful in learning about Macs. I've never considered dual-boot with any of my hacks.
  11. coldharbor

    OS X 10.10.1 Update

    Works like a 'charm'...(how does a charm work in this day and age?).
  12. coldharbor

    UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    With Chameleon Wizard, chose iMac 12.2 (not 12.1) for my GA-Z77X-UD5H. Now iMessage and FaceTime work. Thanks for the guides!
  13. coldharbor

    OS X 10.9.3 Update

    System: GA-Z77X-UDH5/GTX660-3 monitors. Kernel Panic until changing system to iMac. FWIW.
  14. coldharbor

    OS X 10.8.5 Supplemental Update 1.0

    FWIW, Mavericks was just as easy - current Multibeast took case of audio, network (atheros), and trim patch - on GA-Z77X-UD5H. With two graphics cards, HD 5870 and HD 7870, 3 monitors - everything identified correctly. A great update to be sure!
  15. coldharbor

    OS X 10.8.3 Update

    Broke Audio and USB3 on Asus P6X58-EPro
  16. coldharbor

    OS X 10.8.3 Update

    broke USB 3.0 and audio on ASUS P6X58-EPRO.
  17. coldharbor

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    Hosed my installation on P6X58, went back to 2054 rev.
  18. coldharbor

    MacMan Build - GA-X58A-UD3R - i7-930 - HD 5770 Updated

    I have this MB with i7-950 and HD 5870. Only problems I've had are keeping chameleon straight between the drives and partitions. I've used this board SL.
  19. coldharbor

    ML with Gigabyte HD5870 - No FB nor HDMI Audio

    Fabio includes the Gigabyte HD5870 in his EmaC branch, however, that just reboots my machine immediately with a flash of white and no back to Chimera 1.11.1 in order to boot.