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  1. jonathanpaulpano


    I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 using iMac 14,2 SMBIOS. I just want to know if my hardware is capable of upgrading to 10.14.3 Mojave. Aside from core 2 duo e8400, lga 775 motherboard, I also have NVIDIA GT 730 2GB DDR5 graphics. Any information will help. Thank you!
  2. jonathanpaulpano

    kextd wait busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction

    My hack boots 2 minutes longer than usual times.
  3. jonathanpaulpano

    kextd busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction

    Sierra boots fine but it boots 2 minutes longer than usual boot times. I'm getting this message in verbose mode kextd busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction Audio still works by using toleda's CloverALC script 120. Before that (in El Capitan) I'm using toleda's...
  4. jonathanpaulpano

    Does Sierra support LGA 775 + Wolfdale E8400

    If it does, what SMBIOS should I put in my hack? I'm running the same set up since ML up to EC using MacPro 3,1 SMBIOS. Can you give me links on how to install Sierra on unsupported LGA 775 like mine? This thread is so messed up.
  5. jonathanpaulpano

    [HELP] Setup Wi-Fi Sharing using Ethernet and Wireless Dongle

    I'm using Mediatek Wireless Utility with RT2870 kext. Everything works, except for wifi hotspot. Is there any way to set up the USB dongle wireless hotspot/AP mode? It works on Windows via Internet Connection Sharing but it doesn't work on my hack. Thanks
  6. jonathanpaulpano

    [HELP!] XPC connection was invalidated

    I'm getting some XPC connection was invalidated console messages as I type in to spotlight in El Capitan 10.11.6. Typing characters in spotlight results in freezes, sometimes beachball. Actually, I'm getting this messages all the way from Yosemite, I'm not sure if I had this on Mountain Lion. I...
  7. jonathanpaulpano

    Can I install Nvidia CUDA 6.5.45 in El Capitan 10.11.5

    I have Nvidia Geforce 210 1gb card. As you know the card's compute capabality falls in to sm 1.x I was wondering if I can install the last CUDA driver that supported sm 1.x which is 6.5.45 to my El Capitan 10.11.5. The last compatibility listed in the website was 10.10.x so I'm not sure if it...
  8. jonathanpaulpano

    Keychain Access creating iMessage encryption and signing keys every boot

    I've recently checked my keychain access and I saw that it has a lot of iMessage encryption and signing keys. Mine was close to 500 encryption and signing keys. I've deleted all the keys assuming that they were old and start a new set of keys and rebooted my hackintosh. Fresh boot without the...
  9. jonathanpaulpano

    Using cloned MLB and ROM values on 2 hackintoshes

    I cloned my MLB and ROM values on my macbook to my hackintosh desktop for a year now and I'm building my father a hackintosh tomorrow. I just want to ask if I can use the same MLB and ROM values on my macbook and hackintosh to a new hackintosh that I'm building tomorrow. So to simplify, can I...
  10. jonathanpaulpano

    Dual booting 2 OS X Versions

    Hi guys, I'm running 10.11.5 on my 500gb HDD and I have a spare HDD laying around in my cabinet. Is it possible to install 10.9.5 on the other using the same serial, MLB and ROM values on my working El Capitan? Is it going to have an effect on apple's database devices ( I...
  11. jonathanpaulpano

    Hidden Beautiful Wallpapers in OS X El Capitan

    Hey guys, I just wandered across a thread and I found out that El Capitan has some beautiful wallpapers hidden in Screen Saver folder. You can't see the screen savers perse in the system preferences. Just go to Finder then click Go to Folder and paste this: /Library/Screen Savers/Default...