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  1. d0m1n0o

    DSDT, hackintosh, logic and music production

    Tried with my own DSDT on a samsung spinpoint (LINUX method) BUT: works better with non-dsdt system! PROBLEMS: 1- 10s time power on board after shutting down....not nice 2- BAD audio performance....playing in iTunes, many clicks while copying files or doing simple things. same behaviour...
  2. d0m1n0o

    Creating DSDT with LINUX (help)

    ok I created the DSDT of my M.board using UBUNTU BUT should USB 3, nerwork etc be activated in the BIOS to have it in the DSDT?? so..what I understood is that I can use this dsdt with multibeast, right???? if its that, its not difficult!! - people with strange boards like me, do it!! :thumbup:
  3. d0m1n0o

    Help? error during image scan for recovery

    Hi i get an error scanning the images I made for restoring my system!!! now I have the system installed on a small 30 GB SSD partition too bad... more questions: i will install the backup" on the whole 40GB - not much more - of the ssd. can I install logic on another drive???? THANKs!
  4. d0m1n0o

    Multibeast install FAILED!!

    no way to get it working....MULTIBEAST fails every time I try to install AH: started with 10.6.3 and upgraded to 10.6.4 (forgot to install MB before restart!!!!) all the rest is fine! :) Asus P7P55DE-EVO (the "E" is for usb 3, I think the rest is like the "without E" model konnekt 6 soundcard...