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  1. macnb

    FL1009 chipset USB3.0 solution for El Capitan

    I recently bought a 2-port USB3.0 PCI-e board that was suppose to have the FL1100 chip which works OOB with El Capitan. The board was for my ageing Inspiron 530 (P33 chipset). But the board I received had the FL1009 chip which does not work with El Capitan :banghead: In the end the solution was...
  2. macnb

    Acer 4830T Battery Status issues after upgrade to El Capitan

    Have been running Yosemite for a long time on my old Acer 4830T i5-2410M notebook. HDD failed so got a new SSD and did a fresh install of 10.11.1. All OK except Battery Status in menu bar cannot be selected in System Preferences. As soon as I click "Show battery status in menu bar" (under...
  3. macnb

    10.10.1 Update - iCloud Sign In & A Guest Account - Using Clover

    Updated my ageing Inspiron 530 via Apple download site. I am using Clover 3021. Sound works fine after update without having to do anything of beauties of Clover (I used Piker-Alpha's clover 8Series script originally to generate the clover patch and ALC888 kext). So Clover makes the...
  4. macnb

    New G5 build - Two 80mm fans or One 92mm Fan at rear end ?

    Just starting out on a G5 build. Going to be using a Lian Li motherboard tray, back plate and I/O Panel from a sacrifice case I mentioned here. For the rear exhaust fan, I was going to use 120mm fan. It will fit if I don't mount the motherboard tray on the existing G5 stand-offs. But I plan to...
  5. macnb

    Lian Li Sacrifice case for G5 - £35 Bargain

    For anyone looking for a motherboard tray and back plate, I just bought a Lian Li PC-A10B case for £35 delivered just out of curiosity ;) Wow - what a bargain considering the build quality and the "parts" one gets for £35 for 8Kg of metal work !!. 3 more still available on eBay here for UK...
  6. macnb

    boot.plist timeout countdown NOT accurate

    Has been reported many times on these forums but with no conclusion that I can find. I am on Chimera 2.0.1 (svn-r2109) [2013-02-19 23:42:16] ML 10.8.4 Z77X-UP5-TH Setting <key>Timeout</key> <string>1</string> one would assume a countdown of one second. The actual countdown is 4 to five...
  7. macnb

    My Build - Benchmarks

    Just built a new rig: i7-3770K; GA-Z77X-UP5-TH; 16 GB Ram; HD4000; iMac12,2 profile; Multibeast 5.2; 3.5Ghz (stock) Consistent Geekbench scores:
  8. macnb

    iBoot+Multibeast fails to install on Acer 3820T notebook

    In the past, I have successfully installed Mac OS X on a Dell 530 desktop and a Samsung Netbook. Now I have an Acer Notebook with i5 M430 CPU with ATI 5470 + Intel HD graphics and attempting to install Mac OS X on an external USB HDD (while I am waiting for the new internal HDD to arrive) but...
  9. macnb

    [SOLVED] End of the road to install Snow Leopard on Dell 530

    I am a noob but have earned a few strips installing OS X on a netbootbook (Samsung N130) I have successfully managed that. It was relatively painless compared to the desktop I doing next. I have two identical and relatively "old" Dell Inspiron 530 spec'ed as follows: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 9300...