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  1. virusdoc

    Mojave 10.14.2 will not boot from Clover 4798 but will from 4630 or 4769

    I had a fully working 10.14.0 install on Gigabyte Z370N wifi using HD630 video and custom SSDT for USB support. In preparation for updating to 10.14.2, I updated Clover to the latest build (4798), then installed the 14.2 update. After update reboots were complete, my system will not boot into...
  2. virusdoc

    Recommendations for mini-ITX Motherboard with Fully Functional Integrated Video

    Hello! I am an old member but haven't built a CustoMac in several years, but would like to re-learn. I want to build a small form factor, relatively silent rig using the Streacom F1C-Evo case: This case does not support a...
  3. virusdoc

    GA-P55M-UD2 build: please critique component list

    First, thanks for reading and providing critique/suggestions. I am not new to hackintoshing, but my prior experience has been with the NetBookInstaller community and building a dual boot Windows 7/OSX Dell Mini 10v, which works flawlessly. See my guide for this install here...