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  1. draganche

    High Sierra and Cuda

    Hi, good people. Can anyone help me with only one problem that I have with High Sierra? Everything works perfectly, even better than when Windows is installed on the same machine, except that, Premiere Pro CC 2018 does not recognize my GTX 570. I have no option to choose CUDA for projects...
  2. draganche

    UniBeast 9 - Couldn't modify plist

    This happen when I format flash drive with MBR. When I use GUID, everything is ok, but than, I can't boot from USB. Any suggestion? Thanks.
  3. draganche

    ASUS WL-138g V2 on Sierra

    Can be run on Sierra, or to buy something else? Thanks
  4. draganche

    ASUS WL-138g and one more problem on Sierra

    I have just managed to install Sierra on my signature build with no issues at all. Only thing is the WIFI card from the title. It's not recognized at all. I have no problem with Yosemite. And my memory is running at 1333Mhz, not at 1600 Mhz. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance.
  5. draganche

    Mercury Playback Engine

    Whether there is a chance to run Mercury Playback Engine on Lion 10.7.3? I have latest Cuda and GPU Driver Version: 7.18.11 270.05.20f02. When I run Premere Pro,this options is gray. I have Mercury Playback Engine Software only options. My GPU is 470GTX and I have latest Premiere Pro. Thanks...
  6. draganche

    Internal hard drive,act like external.

    Strange,like the title says. Today I again raised the Lion and I got this. Is there a solution? Several times I have accidentally disconnected :x Same thing is in SL In the previous installation was not like this. Help is appreciated... Thanks in advance
  7. draganche

    GTX 470 OpenCL

    Hi to all... One question.. How to enable OpenCL in Lion? I apologize if this has been asked.... I leaf through the entire forum but I did not find an answer. I have GTX 470,everything works perfect,accept OpenCL. My AfterEffects crash randomly and says that OpenCL is a problem.... I read about...