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  1. manpower

    [HOW TO] Wi-Fi 6 Intel AX210 on macOS Sonoma

    @miliuco Noted & Thx , sadly can't live without AirDrop, will try LocalSend as well, Thank you :thumbup:
  2. manpower

    [HOW TO] Wi-Fi 6 Intel AX210 on macOS Sonoma

    Currently updated to Sonoma 14.1.2 with this new card "Ziyituod WiFi 6E AX210S", successful with WiFi & BT show working it the system setting panel, but AirDrop still not working, 3 BT kexts already installed, don't know what missing: IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext IntelBTPatcher.kext...
  3. manpower

    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    Dear Folks, My BCM20703 card still working on Sonoma Bluetooth and WiFi both working. However, I lost AirDrop. It doesn't recognize my iPhone or iPad. My iPhone also can't see it. Anyone same can teach how to fix it please?
  4. manpower

    macOS 13.4 Update

    Updated with OC 0.92 all good except bluetooth output to soundbar badly skipping!
  5. manpower

    X299 - Open Core support

    I finally got my mobo working by follow this usb mapping guideline: USB Mapping
  6. manpower

    Gigabite X299X Designare 10G / OC Stuck with Boot loop after up Monterey

    Hope someone can help me out I try to upgrade from my stable Big Sur to latest Monterey, I got stuck in boot loop :
  7. manpower

    X299 - Open Core support

    Hi folks, anyone can share working OC 0.76 EFI on Gigabite X299X Designare 10G boot into Monterey please? After update from Big Sur I can't boot anymore!
  8. manpower

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    Anyone know how to control the fan? I already set the the fan in bio to 'Silent' but when I do even just some simple graphic and iStats only show cpu just around 40 degree, but the fan run so loud, some say this board is noisy is that true?
  9. manpower

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    Thank you for your detailed reply! I assume the slow issue related to CLO3D only support NVidia and CUDA acceleration! I also rerun Geekbench with Metal Score 48152 doesn't higher than your 64000 at all! My mobo also got another weird symptom when I work on some rendering those fan sound very...
  10. manpower

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    I thought I should feel happy after fixed my mobo boot up and run normally and all setting seems settled! But It doesn't react like a 14 core machine when working on CLO3D program! Every task I apply need to wait for finish even worst than my last 4 core hack! Wondering anyone here like mine...
  11. manpower

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    HI @TheBloke thanks for your prompt reply! According to your suggestion may I clearify change the IOCPUNumber from 35 to -1 (minus 1)? My CPU 10940X how to get this number actually? Thanks
  12. manpower

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    Thank you so much @TheBloke my mobo up and running in Catalina using your latest OC setting! but I have critical problem running some 3D program like Maya it doesn't launch just quit! wondering cause by display card or other system issue? my MB X299X with 5700XT 64Gb Ram
  13. manpower

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    Hi @TheBloke, I recently want to upgrade my mobo to same as your Gigabyte X299X Designare 10G, I also found that @JTR share the fixed OC 0.64 config here for us thank you all so much! May I ask is it fully compatible with Big Sur OS? Is there any area still need to fix I need to concern? Thanks...
  14. manpower

    UniBeast Installer Results in "could not enable USB ownership"

    When I try to build a new Catalina USB installer using latest UniBeast, I got an error "could not enable USB ownership" anyone know what happen or how can fix it please? :banghead:
  15. manpower

    Creative CA0132 codec discussion (Sound Core3D)

    Thanks for your reply! After use the app to reset the code and set layout id to 6 still no go! all the output devices no sound output, but very strange the sound came through the bluetooth when click into Preference panel input tab! if I close the P.Panel the sound gone!
  16. manpower

    Creative CA0132 codec discussion (Sound Core3D)

    Hi folks, I urgently need help coz Last night everything still alright but the next day all of sudden my system no sound at all! My board is Gaming 7 with H.Sierra 10.13.6, I follow this thread post#1 : AppleALC + Lilu in Cover kext / Others, CodecCommander.kext in /L/E. Untouched AppleHDA in...
  17. manpower

    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    WTF I bought 1070 almost a year just waiting and waiting ........
  18. manpower

    Mac Pro 6,1 System Definition Working !!!

    can you please share your config.plist here?
  19. manpower

    Samsung PM951 M.2 SSD performance issues

    Board : Gigabite Z170X-Gaming 7 rev.1.0 M2 : Samsung MZFLV256HCHP-000MV is it because not a sm950 or 951 pro. etc ?