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  1. mezanga

    Snow Leopard 10.6 Installation Help Needed

    I have an old hackintosh with the same processor. And the I7 3770K has a iGPU HD 4000 video card. You can install a lot on a modern operating system. For example, Sierra High Sierra, Catalina or Big Sur. I used opencore for bootloader. I have attached my EFI folder. Video for i7 3770K Good luck!!!
  2. mezanga

    What do you think, is it worth migrating from Ventura to Sonoma? Did they have a reason?

    I'm on Ventura 13.6.1 and I'm ok. Does anyone think it's worth migrating to Sonoma and why?
  3. mezanga

    macOS Sonoma is Now Available From the Mac App Store

    Sonoma has widgets, wtf and Windows7 also had Widgets. Animated backgrounds ??? No thanks.
  4. mezanga

    macOS 13.6 Update

    Fast update without any issues.
  5. mezanga

    Update Directly to macOS Big Sur

    Great update 11.7.10.. now Unigine heaven runs much more fps around 130.
  6. mezanga

    ASUS Prime Z490-A, Intel Core i9-10850K, 64GB RAM, RX 5700 XT GPU

    Hello everyone, I want to ask I am considering to buy an AMD RH 5700 its not XT. Do you know if the card native native support? For example in Mac OS 11,12 or 13.
  7. mezanga

    Big Sur 11.7.10 on old ivy bridge

    Successfully updated to 11.7.4. OpenCore 0.8.8
  8. mezanga

    macOS 11.7.1 Update

    I upgraded to 11.7.1 without any issues. OpenCore0.7.8
  9. mezanga

    [GUIDE] OC 10.13.6 Z490 Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme + Core i5 10400 / i9 11900K + Nvidia GTX 1060

    Hello guys, I successfully installed Catalina and Big Sur. I want to ask if I have a chance to install El Capitan or Sierra on this hardware. I7-10700K MSI Z490 gaming plus RX 580 4 gig of ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 3200 MHz. SSD 850 Samsung Pro 128gb. Opencore 0.7.8 Thanks!!!
  10. mezanga

    macOS 11.6.7 Update

    Successfully updated to version 11.7-OC 0.7.8