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  1. cnaught

    [Solved] 'Unsupported CPU' Panic after switching Ivy Bridge to Kaby Lake (10.12.6)

    Update: I was able to resolve the issue by obtaining a macOS sierra USB installer. This allowed me to boot into the installer, access a terminal shell to remove the offending FakeSMC + associated sensor kexts from /L/E and rebuild said cache. Then, using a precooked for Kaby Lake, I...
  2. cnaught

    [Solved] 'Unsupported CPU' Panic after switching Ivy Bridge to Kaby Lake (10.12.6)

    After looking at the boot log I consistently see: Does this mean that the newer FakeSMC in Clover\kexts\Other is not getting injected and the older version from /L/E or the kext cache is getting used? The config.plist has InjectKexts set to YES. Using the "-f" boot flag has no effect either...
  3. cnaught

    [Solved] 'Unsupported CPU' Panic after switching Ivy Bridge to Kaby Lake (10.12.6)

    Hey guys, Could use some help here! I had a well-functioning rig running Sierra 10.12.6 on an Ivy Bridge i5-3570K / HD4000 until the Gigabyte Z77-DS3H motherboard decided it wasn't for this world anymore. I have now upgraded (also listed in profile) to an i5-7500 Kaby Lake CPU / Intel 630 (DVI)...
  4. cnaught

    OS X 10.11.5 Update

    Did a fresh install to 10.11.5 on my i5-3570k / GA-Z77-DS3H rev 1.0 + HD4000. Seems more stable than 10.10.x with less false boots and radom wakeups from sleep. Thanks! TL;DR Bought a 250GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD, installed 10.11.5 directly using unibeast. Used Multibeast 8.2.2 to finalize install...
  5. cnaught

    OS X 10.10.3 Update

    Just upgraded my GA-Z77-DS3H / i5-3570K from 10.9.5 to 10.10.3. Did an "in place" upgrade over Mav and applied MultiBeast 7.3. Went well overall, but I did have to use MB 6.5 to get the Realtek ALC887b audio driver installed as the MB 7.3 version did not work. I'm using MacMini 6,1 system...
  6. cnaught

    Mavericks install on GA-Z77-DS3H w/GT640

    Last time I tried Clover with ML it had the same "can't force sleep" issue. Looks like they haven't fixed it; it was the only reason I didn't jump on Clover :(. Let me know if you figure it out, it might make me revisit Clover!
  7. cnaught

    Anyone running a GA-Z77-DS3H successfully installed Mavericks?

    Based on your profile, you're using an i5-2500k, which is a Sandy Bridge CPU. IIRC, these CPUs were not natively supported on ML & require a SSDT. Were you abel to get ML running successfully on this setup? Try searching 2500k in this forum and/or the ML support forum.
  8. cnaught

    Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H and Mavericks gray screen

    Is "Intel Virtualization Technology" disabled in your UEFI/BIOS? See post #8. You have a 3770, so it supports VT-d, but Apple doesn't.
  9. cnaught

    gigabyte z77-ds3h core i7-3770 mavericks install stuck at apple logo

    What MB settings did you try? Please be specific, including the version of MB used.
  10. cnaught

    OSX 10.8.3 will hang at white screen after bootloader z77 ds3h

    Where did you get a "rev7" version of this board? The Gigabyte website only lists 1.0 and 1.1 revisions - you must have some well placed friends :). Which BIOS ver are you using? Which golden build guide(s) did you use? What BIOS & MB v5.3.1 options did you use? Without these details, trying...
  11. cnaught

    HD4000 ram 64mb issue on i3 3225

    I can't say for Win7/Win8, but OSX will override the BIOS Gfx memory size when it loads the HD4000 driver. In System Report: Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 768 MB Although I have 32MB reserved in BIOS. If you start OSX in safe mode (-x) you will see that the Gfx driver is using the RAM size...
  12. cnaught

    Fresh Install Mountain lion 10.8.3 Need Help with Multibeast

    Tip: Use the site search to find a golden build with your motherboard and/or CPU. You don't have an IvyBridge CPU, so install will be a bit more complex with ML. Here's the #1 hit when I searched your mobo...
  13. cnaught

    Multiple Errors (boot0 but no boot0 error, FakeSMC, APpleUSBXHCI ...)

    Question: What did you find when you did a site search for "boot0 error"? The best advice I can give you in regards to building a CustoMac is how to unblock yourself. The first tool is the site search :)
  14. cnaught

    GA-Z77-DS3H 1.1 - 1st install boot hangs on gray screen/spinning wheel

    What did you do differently to get this result? TIP: Being as detailed as possible will help you here. Vague or ambiguous responses will only slow down the process! Can you list the exact steps you performed after selecting "Load Optimized Defaults" in the UEFI/BIOS? Or, post the link to the...
  15. cnaught

    Installation:Choosing usb-hdd from boot menu doesn't take me to usb.

    Try googling "USB boot Gigabyte X58A-UD3R" seems others have problems with this board. The GA forum tips seem to recommend enabling "Legacy USB devices" in the BIOS, but I'm sure you have this enabled already. You might have better support posting there assuming your BIOS is up to date.
  16. cnaught

    ReFormatting ssd

    When you boot off your USB drive that you created using UniBeast, launch Disk Utility and delete the existing NTFS partitions. Then create the OSX partition as specified by the install guide.
  17. cnaught

    Microsoft keyborad

    As tk626 states, any USB keyboard (or wireless USB) will be fine in OSX. Some extra keys, like a dedicated music key, may not be recognized. My Logitech keyboard, Mk550 i think, has the Win key mapped as the Apple command key. In ML, you can remap certain keys via the Settings Keyboard menu...
  18. cnaught

    GA-Z77-DS3H 1.1 - 1st install boot hangs on gray screen/spinning wheel

    The Vegas line is on the issue here: Read through the thread, including the link in to this topic...
  19. cnaught

    Stuck on Grey Screen After 10.8.3 Install to SSD

    No problem. Just be prepared to spend some time searching & reading - many of the problems have been found & fixed by others. I took a look at the lifehacker build. Step #3 involves configuring the OS via MB (MultiBeast). They, like many others, don't cite the version of MB used. The...