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  1. Albs

    msi z170a m3 audio on wrong jack

    Same issue here with Z170X Gaming 5 EU and ALC1150
  2. Albs

    HD530, Z170X Gaming 5 EU, Displayport not working

    Ok, I manage to solve. First i used the kext patch AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer Find 01030303 Replace 01030403 and this gave me access to the displayport signal, then I used switchResX to force the video to 60 hz!
  3. Albs

    HD530, Z170X Gaming 5 EU, Displayport not working

    Hello everybody, after many attempts I managed to get the acceleration working with InjectIntel 0x19120000, and fixing the right resolution for the display (an UHDTV 6500 series by Samsung) with the core display fix. Sadly I'm unable to get signal from the DisplayPort. The port itself is working...
  4. Albs

    Skylake Intel HD 530 Integrated Graphics Working as of 10.11.4

    Hello Everyone, I've successfully installed HD530 on a custom Mac 6,1 type with i7 6700k and a z170x gaming 5 motherboard. However, I use a 4k Samsung TV as monitor, and Sierra sees it as a TV popping out the AirPlay little menu trail icon and allows my monitor to output only 1920x1080. How can...