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  1. theslash

    Toshiba Z830 Any Chance?

    Hi Guys, i hope you can help me. I had already tested Mavericks but eventually gave up, now i'm here for a new try: The first "only" problem is that the internal Display does not work. When i plug in a monitor on the hdmi Port it works, i have full acceleration. But the internal...
  2. theslash

    ATI 5750 Yosemite Problems

    Hi, i have a Hackintosh running on my system with Mavericks just fine but i have some problems installing Yosemite. My board is a Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H, when i Connect my display to the internal HDMI - Port and use Graphics-Enabler=Yes and 1080p Display everything works just fine, but i want...
  3. theslash

    ALC887 no output device in Yosemite

    Same here on my Gigabite GA-H77-DS3H have no output devices....does anybody have a solution??
  4. theslash

    Toshiba Z830 Mavericks

    well, didn't come very far, can install it, everything exept wifi & audio works, but i got no picture on internal screen. on hdmi it works fine. tried this: didn't help
  5. theslash

    [Solved] LVDS full QE/CI on HD3000 (Toshiba R835/Z835 ok)

    Hi, i tried the suggested things on mavericks 10.9 and can't compile the dstd... can anyone help me with the solution?? internal display is black, on hdmi it works fine, even with 1080p...
  6. theslash

    Toshiba Z830 Mavericks

    ok, thank you, I'll try it as tomorrow i guess...need the running windows on it atmo
  7. theslash

    Toshiba Z830 Mavericks

    Hi, i try to install Mavericks on my Toshiba Z830, it's got a i5 and Intel HD Graphics. I tried a "normal" setup with unibeast & Multibeast, but i just see a short Kernel Panic Screen, then the Laptop reboots... Do you have any Suggestions what i could try?? thx
  8. theslash

    Optimized AppleHDA for Realtek ALC 887/888b on Lion - Update

    Its a Creative 2.1 system, about 5 years old... but it's only connected to the line out jack
  9. theslash

    Optimized AppleHDA for Realtek ALC 887/888b on Lion - Update

    Hi, i'm pretty new to the Hackintosh thing... I have a H77-DS3H and did this as described but i can't turn the volume up, cause when i do the sound cracks. the sound in itunes ist on full volume but on my connected Speakers i can't turn it up to more than half volume cause then in cracks...any...