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  1. Papaschmoops

    4530s will only boot from USB

    i am having this same issue. I have mavericks working perfectly with an external USB drive. When i install the drive internally the symbol with the line and circle show up. I have tried every thing i can think of. I installed it to a different drive with same results. Anyone have any ideas...
  2. Papaschmoops

    Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H - VIA VT2021 - Onboard Sound Working

    I Have this same mobo also. Everything worked with 10.8.4. It stopped and then when i went to mavericks everything worked again except the sound. I cant get the load for the via to load. I keep getting an error. Anyone have any ideas??? thanks..
  3. Papaschmoops

    Multibeast install fails

    Progress on the homefront - installed kext and now audio works.. my new problem is that when i put it to sleep it doesnt wake up. i can solve that by disabling sleep. But so far i am very pleased with the progress.
  4. Papaschmoops

    Multibeast install fails

    I was using the VGA. But at last i put a 640 GT MSI video card and all works. I also put in a TP wifi carde and that works also. This is what i have learned so far from this experience. If you use what is in the guide it works. The video did not work until i got the right card same with the...
  5. Papaschmoops

    Multibeast install fails

    update - i went out and got a new 8gb drive and started over. everything installed and looked normal. Now when i start the pc i get the tonymac "eye" apple logo at the top with three choices, the boot cd, the windows harddrive and the mac cd. when i choose the mac cd it looks like it is booting...
  6. Papaschmoops

    Won't Boot after ML install

    i am at the same place.. stuck with the spinning wheel and the apple logog - - - Updated - - - i am at the same place.. stuck with the spinning wheel and the apple logo
  7. Papaschmoops

    Multibeast install fails

    i have tried it from the usb drive. i put the zip file and opened in the usb drive. i go through the install and it says that it fails everytime. i am checking off only the install file. i know i am going to feel really stupid when this works.. any help is most appreciated..
  8. Papaschmoops

    Multibeast install fails

    I cannot get 5.4.3 to install on the USB disk. I have tried it with different disks. It goes to the end and then says "installation failed" I also went back and tried older versions. I must be doing something wrong. It has worked in the past. Anyone have any ideas??