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  1. Pakalolo

    No sound and Cant't find /mach_kernel after Yosemite install.

    No sound ALC889 after Yosemite install Everything was working great before. mb is z68xp-ud5 the sound disappeared on Mavericks before but, I was able to get it back on Multi Beast 6.2.2 and it does not work on Yosemite. My onboard sound is ALC889.
  2. Pakalolo

    Time Machine Observation 10.8 to 10.9

    I would recommend trying SuperDuper!
  3. Pakalolo

    Chimera 2.1 Now Available With Haswell CPU Support

    Thank you for the update MacMan.
  4. Pakalolo

    Chimera 2.1 Now Available With Haswell CPU Support

    My iMessage does not work anymore either. Thanks for the update though.
  5. Pakalolo

    New Albums Homepage

    Nice. Thanks guys!
  6. Pakalolo

    MultiBeast 5.3 Update

    Thanks guys for the update.
  7. Pakalolo

    Profiles Updated with Build Signatures, Recent Posts and more

    I love the updated signature. Great job guys.
  8. Pakalolo

    OS X 10.8.3 and NVIDIA 6xx OpenCL Benchmarks

    Thanks for the info.
  9. Pakalolo

    AMD Radeon HD 7xxx Graphics Support in OS X 10.8.3

    Great news for us and many thanks.
  10. Pakalolo

    Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.3

    Thanks for the update!
  11. Pakalolo

    OS X 10.8.3 Update

    Update with fine with combo update. Just had to re enable trim support. Thanks guys.
  12. Pakalolo

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    Thank you guys so much!
  13. Pakalolo

    UniBeast 1.7 Update

    Thanks for the update MacMan.
  14. Pakalolo

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide January 2013

    Great job guys and many thanks.
  15. Pakalolo

    Boot0 Error

    Try installing just Chimera and rebooting. If that does not work, try repairing permissions.
  16. Pakalolo

    UniBeast 1.6 Update

    Thanks for the update.
  17. Pakalolo

    Bios screen, tonyx86 screen and slow boot

    Yes, it should delete the old FakeSMC and install the new one. After its complete, I repaired permissions on the boot drive to be safe. Yes, my computer starts with the bios screen, Chimera bootloader screen, and then OS X.
  18. Pakalolo

    Bios screen, tonyx86 screen and slow boot

    The newest FakeSMC in MultiBeast 5.2 improved my boot time significantly.
  19. Pakalolo

    MultiBeast 5.2 Update

    Thanks guys.
  20. Pakalolo

    Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 - i7 2700K - 16g RAM - Very low GeekBench score (5600)

    I have only used the one from MultiBeast and it works great. I guess you can try.