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  1. nei-k

    macOS 14.1.2 Update

    No problem for me installing this update
  2. nei-k

    macOS 14.1.1 Update

    I updated to 14.1.1 version without issues, but first I had to add revpatch=sbvmm boot-arg, so that update to become available
  3. nei-k

    macOS 14.1 Update

    I updated both devices, the process was faster on Intel than on AMD. But in the end both work perfectly
  4. nei-k

    NootedRed — AMD Radeon Graphics — macOS Sonoma

    Just joined the Ryzentosh users and want to let everybody know that macOS Sonoma is running great with integrated GPU on my AMD ITX system: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi + Ryzen 7 5700G & Integrated Radeon RX VEGA 8 + included Intel AX210 wireless + 32 GB RAM I started from the EFI posted by...
  5. nei-k

    macOS 13.4 Update

    No issues for me: Dell Latitude 5490 with OC 0.9.2
  6. nei-k

    macOS 13.3.1 Update

    Flawless update to Ventura 13.3.1 on my Dell Latitude 5490 with Intel i5-8265U
  7. nei-k

    macOS 12.2 Update

    Smooth update to Monterey 12.2 on my Dell E6540
  8. nei-k

    Need help with HDMI sound on GA z490 aorus elite ac (Monterey)

    I tested this solution on my Hackintosh too, and it is working! I only changed layout-id to 1, as this is proper for my board. I'm glad I no longer depend on FakePCIID and VoodooHDA kexts , and i am able to run as "vanilla" as possible.
  9. nei-k

    HDMI Audio only after I unplug and reconnect HDMI-cable

    use VoodooHDA, as described here
  10. nei-k

    HDMI audio iGPU OpenCore (Easy) Solution

    I updated my iMac20,1 hackintosh to Monterey and I had to give-up to FakePCIID method for DP / HDMI Audio out via Intel UHD 630. FakePCIID method still worked with Monterey, but it causes random restarts and, to solve the problem, I had to remove the kexts, as advised here...
  11. nei-k

    HDMI audio iGPU OpenCore (Easy) Solution

    layout-id should be the same you use as boot args. Also, If you have an Hasswel (older) CPU you cannot spoof an Skylake (newer) Audio ID. Used device-id is specific for UHD 630 graphics, will not work with other iGPU's
  12. nei-k

    << Solved >> [HELP]Image artifacts over HDMI and Type-C(DP) Z490 Aorus Xtreme

    For my iMac 20,1 Hack I don't spoof any video device id, actually I keep my DevicepProperties section clean, since the CPU is properly recognized and HDMI and DP ports are also functioning correctly. I only added PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x3) section, in order to get HDMI audio working. Also, I...
  13. nei-k

    HDMI audio iGPU OpenCore (Easy) Solution

    The reason for using device-id 709D0000 is that native Comet Lake device-id is not recognized, so we need to spoof another, similar one (a Sky Lake one in this case).
  14. nei-k

    HDMI audio iGPU OpenCore (Easy) Solution

    Solution for igpu HDMI Audio was posted here And here
  15. nei-k

    [Success] Dell Latitude E6540 (opencore 0.6.4)

    I am glad I could help. Remove "-v" from NVRAM boot args
  16. nei-k

    [Success] Dell Latitude E6540 (opencore 0.6.4)

    soy.mats My EFY is attached. Please be aware that serials are removed, you must insert your own.
  17. nei-k

    [Success] Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X - i9 10850K - RX580 - OpenCore 0.9.1 4k - Ventura 13.3.1 - Video Editing

    It's known that Big Sur 11.3 update break USB ports: Try to use USBports.kext from this repo before building your own
  18. nei-k

    Can't make audio to work - macOS Catalina i5 4460 H81

    Try to switch to AppleALC and use it with alcid=11 as boot-arg. This should activate MB audio ports. For HDMI Audio follow.this guide:
  19. nei-k

    [Success] Dell Latitude E6540 (opencore 0.6.4)

    I have my Dell Latitude E6540 fully Working with Big Sur 11.2.3 except that sound via HDMI Audio is like harsh noise. Same results with layout id 12 and 15, compatible with ALC292. Tested several HDMI cables, all are working fine under Windows but give harsh noise und MacOS. All settings are...
  20. nei-k

    Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 WiFi

    You have to install following kexts and add their entries to your config.plist Before that you have to remove all existing kexts related to Intel wireless. AirportItlwm.kext - version 2.0.0 alpha Big Sur version, download from here IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext IntelBluetoothInjector.kext -...