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  1. sos86

    Apple Mac at 40

    Proud to have a compact Mac in my sig since I joined this site over a decade ago. Really enjoyed the CHM 40 year panels, thanks. Keep on Macin'
  2. sos86

    macOS Sonoma is Now Available From the Mac App Store

    A photo for the desktop, rather than abstract swirls (yes, I know you could change this in the last couple of macOS releases, but it's the stock element).
  3. sos86

    macOS Sonoma is Now Available From the Mac App Store

    Sweet. Had to download and install via the app store, rather than via software update. Used the latest AMD patches, Lilu, WEG and Opencore 0.95.
  4. sos86

    macOS 13.4 Update

    All good here too...although the option to update to 13.4 didn't show until this morning. OpenCore 0.9.2
  5. sos86

    OC 0.9.0 13.3 update failed to remember to a) add the updated AMD patches (now 20 of 'em), and b) edit your CPU core numbers :) I forget that second point every time (given the relative infrequency of the patch updates).
  6. sos86

    Beginners Guide to using OC Auxiliary Tools App (Also known as OCAT)

    I look forward to trying this when I get some free time in the weeks ahead. As a long time hackintosher, from clover to opencore, these tools can be helpful, so thanks to the devs. On the other hand, I'm grateful that I've been forced to learn opencore in detail using the Dortania guide and...
  7. sos86

    macOS 13.1 Update

    OC 0.87. Easy, automated, no problems.
  8. sos86

    Toshiba Tecra X40-E - can't get macOS installed (opencore)

    Thanks - mostly done, but still looking for M/B details. Edit: thanks again - laptop model / motherboard info now in profile, and correctly posted attached. It's clearly been too long since I had to post for help! :)
  9. sos86

    Toshiba Tecra X40-E - can't get macOS installed (opencore)

    Well, after a couple days of trying, and getting close, I can't complete the installation of macOS on this Toshiba Tecra X40-E laptop. I can get to the macOS install screen OK, and sometimes get a drive formatted (apfs and macOS extended journaled), but at other times it hard freezes part way...
  10. sos86

    macOS Ventura is Now Available From the Mac App Store

    Yep - updated fine here too....once I'd updated my kexts, that is! OC 0.85, running a Ryzentosh.
  11. sos86

    Is OC 0.8.3 Relesed yet?

    Curious. There is no 0.83 OpenCore at the link provided. Latest release is 0.82 - which should still work according to its patch notes.
  12. sos86

    macOS 11.6 Update

    All working here too - AMD 3700x, RX 580, ASUS x470. OpenCore 0.73:
  13. sos86

    Any news on Nvidia drivers for use with Mojave?

    Genuine question - I've never quite understood the rationale for this - why is leaving them in EFI/Clover/kexts/other a problem?
  14. sos86

    [SUCCESS] Mojave 14.1 on ASUS P7P55D-E-Pro

    Brilliant. Using 5.1 MacPro system definition, and removing various patches I'd tried when attempting to get the HDMI/AMD RX580 working (rename GFX0 to IGPU, rename PEGP to GFX0, Change GFX0._ADR to Zero, Rename HDEF to AZAL and Rename HECI to IMEI) and I now have both HDMI (Fit Headless) and DP...
  15. sos86

    Moving over to AMD due to no NVIDIA Web Driver yet

    Do your really want your serial number public?
  16. sos86

    Saphire Pulse RX 570 boot-to-blackscreen

    Try a DP (from your RX570) to HDMI (your monitor) cable rather than an adaptor. I had the same HDMI and DVI output-to-black screen issue which I just couldn't resolve, and the only fix was using the RX580's DP-out, so I initially bought a DP-to-DVI adaptor. Although the adaptor worked for...
  17. sos86

    [Success] ATX: Asus P7P55D-E - i5-760 - EVGA GTX460

    Hi Acorn - it's good to see old hardware lives on! Although this is the Mojave thread, not Sierra, you can actually install Mojave 14.1 on that hardware, although is a bit of a hack to get the gtx460 acceleration working properly (you need a special GTX104 kext, and even then you may have some...
  18. sos86

    RX 580 with a BIOS based mobo?

    I had exactly the same problem - black screen/no video output after the apple progress bar. My hardware is BIOS board, ASUS P7P55D-E-Pro, and a Sapphire 8GB Nitro+ RX580, which has a DVI and 2 HDMI and two display ports. I tried every combination of Lilu/Whatevergreen, SMBIOS definitions etc...
  19. sos86

    [SUCCESS] Mojave 14.1 on ASUS P7P55D-E-Pro

    After a few abortive attempts (you need the ICH10R patch and carefully selected AMD card), I finally have a fully functioning Mojave install on my ancient P7P55D-E-Pro / x3480 / Lynnfield-era board. Amazing. Had to upgrade my old GTX460 to an RX580 along the way - but really surprised to still...
  20. sos86

    [SOLVED] MSI Armor 8GB RX580 - Black Screen

    SOLVED (or at least worked around). In the end, I relented and tried a DP-to-DVI adapter (my older screen has DVI or VGA inputs only) - and it worked! I'm using the 14,2 system profile and Orinoco framebuffer, and a few other patches, probably not needed. No need for Lilu or WhateverGreen...