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  1. Ellybz

    ASUS X299 Monterey/Ventura Support

    @nmano 1- Disconnect your I210 port. It's still not working with Monterey & will cause Mouse freeze. you can also remove the boot arg "dk.e1000=0" ( unless you're using big Sur ). 2- If you are using Lilu 1.6.0 you should probably also update your virtual SMC to 1.2.9
  2. Ellybz

    Gigabyte x299 Monterey boot fail, help!

    Don't use TSCAdjustReset. Use CpuTscSync.kext ( No need to modify plist. Works OOB, regardless of core counts ) Don't forget to clean your NVRAM.
  3. Ellybz

    I am confused about an instruction on how to create a Monterey USB install disk.

    Here's the proper USB.kext for your Asus WS Pro x299 Sage II. Compliments to @djlild7hina . You should also probably check his github repo for your base EFI. You might be missing SSDTs for your X299. Last but not least. There's a thread for...
  4. Ellybz

    Beast Mode - Live Event / Video Production Machine - Buying Advice

    Have you considered the RME HDSPE AIO as PCIe audio card? ( Core audio ) I've been using it for the last few years & love it. Most of the projects I run have an average of 150 tracks. I use it with Pro Tools ( 2021.10 ); Cubase, Kontakt, ( Sometimes together )and many other audio apps. It is...
  5. Ellybz

    Best Budget Intel Motherboard for music and video production i5/i7/i9 ?

    Not sure if this is overkill for you but here's another option: I do music production in a professional environment every day & I use X299. It is extremely stable. Zero crash. Everything works ( Including sleep ). Below is a screenshot of a Protools session @88.2Khz with 128 tracks & 225 Plugins...
  6. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    @dny87 You should not have any issues with any of the EFIs for Gigabyte X299 reported in this forum thread. they're all validated to work @100% with Big Sur. Note that during the install, if the activity led of your Hack is still blinking, it means that it's working, so be patient & let it do...
  7. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Happy New Year, Feliz año nuevo, Bonne Année, Frohes neues Jahr, Felice anno nuovo, Feliz Ano Novo, Xīnnián kuàilè, Akemashiteomedetōgozaimasu, sanah jadiduh saeidah, S Novym Godom and to all others around the world. May the hackintosh community live happy & keep helping each other for many...
  8. Ellybz

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    I also have Above 4G disabled. Mostly depends on your GPU or/& if you use 32-bit Apps/OS. It has always been disabled on my system ( Clover & OpenCore ). As I only use my system for audio related tasks & without intensive video processing, I don't need the Above 4G quirk. If you have a high end...
  9. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Several users have reported that the card is working with Big Sur 11.1 Beta but without hardware acceleration.
  10. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    I read about this issue with Big Sur. My router has a built-in VPN & Firewall (DD-WRT), so I'm not really concerned about it. The branch cannot circumcise it's root :lol:. There are still a few other options available to block Apple from bypassing your filter in Big Sur. - Disabling SIP...
  11. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support Version 2.0 works with Big Sur. PS: @Loloflatsix is still the MAN! :)
  12. Ellybz

    Gigabyte X299X - Catalina Support

    My position has evolved since July. In some cases ( Thunderbolt, changing curve fans of a GPU, etc.. ) SSDTs were more efficient or easier to manage than DeviceProperties. The issue with SSDTs was that if you're not using OSX ( Windows, Linux, etc..) Your side OS might be prone to erratic...
  13. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Yes to all the questions above :)
  14. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support
  15. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Yes I have this UPS from CyberPower. I understand now, I thought your commander pro was also UPS.. I guess Big Sur does not make the difference between the corsair Fan controller & UPS, That is so weird :crazy: This is a Major Bug! Have you tried plugging your controller into another USB port...
  16. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Updating OpenCore is not as easy as Clover, after each update, your config.plist needs also a make over. You can use the, (part of XCODE) to compare them by side.
  17. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Hello Friend, I have the same Mobo as yours ( also an UPS ). No issue here, percentage is shown correctly. You do not need the SSDT-Plug, everything works perfectly without it ( XCPM, Power States, sleep, etc..) As a matter of fact, I do not have a single SSDT in my EFI folder. Everything is...
  18. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    Please delete.
  19. Ellybz

    X299 Big Sur Support

    I believe It is related to NVRAM & Big Sur. I have 5 monitors ( 1x38"; 1x27" 2x24"; 1x7" ) with a RX580. I have similar symptoms when I switch from OS Mojave or Catalina to Big Sur. Only 3 monitors out of 5 reach Mac OS desktop. Unplugging & replugging monitors are of no avail. I have to do a...
  20. Ellybz

    Gigabyte B550 Vision D (Thunderbolt 3) + AMD Ryzen 7 3700X + AMD RX 5600 XT

    Hello, I'm considering building a second station strictly dedicated to mixing audio ( Between 70 to 100 tracks ). Has anyone here successfully build a AMD system that can run Avid Protools & AAX plugins? If so, would you mind sharing your experience? Stability, bugs, issues, etc.. No...