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  1. brandonb927

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    I have Telus symmetrical fibre in my condo building, and pretty sure I could make it faster if I called them and asked to up my speeds as I've heard of people getting 150/150 after calling.
  2. Multibeast 9 config

    Multibeast 9 config

  3. brandonb927

    brandonb927's Build: Core i5-3470 - GA-B75M-D3P - 8GB RAM - EVGA GT640

    tl;dr: After a lengthy time away from the tonymacx86 community and hackintoshing in general, attempting to install macOS 10.12.4 from scratch was the easiest experience I've ever had with a hackintosh. --- Reviving this thread to post an update: I left the community for a few years (previous...
  4. brandonb927

    [SUCCESS] SupHak Audio Desk - GA-H97-HD3 - 4790K - HD4600 - Wifi - ATX

    Hey Supamonsta, it looks like you left out the case from your parts description. I'm really curious about it and would like to know where you got it :)
  5. brandonb927

    How to Fix iMessage

    I can't believe I got mine fixed too like 15 minutes ago! I've been trying for weeks off and on again to get this working, always checking this Guide to see if there has been an update, trying new techniques as they've been mentioned but still nothing. At one point I almost gave up but my...
  6. brandonb927

    Another Apple Startup Chime Solution

    I would totally buy one of these too. Very impressive!
  7. brandonb927

    What Router Do You Use?

    Apple Airport Express
  8. brandonb927

    GA-B75M-D3P and Yosemite

    I have the exact same mobo and am having the exact same issue as you (hang on boot without -f bootflag) including UseKernelCache=No not solving the issue. Edit: Actually, scratch that; removing UseKernelCache resolved my boot issue? I'm still not confident that fixed it but I'll update this...
  9. Multibeast 7 settings for Yosemite

    Multibeast 7 settings for Yosemite

  10. brandonb927

    CustoMac Nano: Prebuilt Micro PC

    The Amazon Canada Gigabyte Brix Pro "GB-BXI7-4770R I7-4770R 3.9G" link has changed to
  11. brandonb927

    Haswell Mac Mini

    Wow that is an awesome mod, I love how clean it looks! Amazing work :)
  12. Photo 18

    Photo 18

  13. Photo 16

    Photo 16

  14. Photo 12

    Photo 12

  15. Photo 6

    Photo 6

  16. MultiBeast 6 settings for build

    MultiBeast 6 settings for build

  17. Backside of the case with the antennae sticking off to the side

    Backside of the case with the antennae sticking off to the side

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