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  1. fixjet

    macOS 12.6.6 Update

    3 restarts, 16 minutes, all done and all good. No issues. OC 0.8.5.
  2. fixjet

    macOS 11.7.6 Update

    Opencore 0.85. 3 reboots and 34 minutes. At one point my screen went white for about 30 seconds, thought had an issue but screen came back and was still installing. Using HDMI port on card. Once installed, overall system seems a bit slower but otherwise nothing else.
  3. fixjet

    macOS Mojave Security Update 2021-005

    I used Sys Pref-> Software Updater as well with no issues. I'm still rocking Clover 4934, Apple ALC 1.37, Whatevergreen 1.28 and Lilu 1.3.5. Pretty old versions but works well (tried to update some of them once it caused some issues so went back).
  4. fixjet

    Security Update 2021-001 Catalina, Security Update 2021-001 Mojave

    Used standalone installer for Mojave (2021-002) with Clover 4934 on my system, no issues. Build 18G8022
  5. fixjet

    Security Update 2020-005 (High Sierra) & (Mojave)

    Saw some of the issues others were having but finally installed the 2020-005 Mojave update tonight, it went fine, took about 10 minutes. As soon as I was back on the desktop checked version number (18G6032) and and saw there was a 2020-006 update to install now as well. Did that one too, also...
  6. fixjet

    Mojave Security Update 2020-004 Will Not Install

    I have the Sapphire RX580 (8GB) in my system and sleep (and wake) works fine after this update. I installed using the two individual installers as mentioned above (ie update folder). Whatevergreen 1.3, Lilu 1.3.7 Clover 4934, macpro 5,1 system ID.
  7. fixjet

    Security Update 2020-003 (High Sierra) & (Mojave)

    Just updated mine as well through online update, seems to work fine. I always run kext utility afterwards just for permissions (its an old habit!).
  8. fixjet

    After 10.14.4 Update, RX580 Fans Ramp Up & Down Rapidly

    I noticed this today as well. Not sure what your bios is like on your board but on mine smart fan 5 I changed all the settings to "auto" for fan control from pwm (so silent mode, 1 for time, shut off fan stop mode, auto) also had them all reference the cpu for temp, it has stopped. On 10.14.3 I...
  9. fixjet

    macOS 10.14.4 Update

    10.14.3 to 10.14.4 via app store update. Upgraded clover to 4862 from 4769, updated to Apple ALC 1.3.6, Lilu 1.3.5 and Whatevergreen 1.2.7 as per info in this thread. Ran like that a couple days just to make sure it was all good. Today disconnected all drives except install one (old...
  10. fixjet

    Proper way for motherboard upgrade

    How did it work out? Any issues?
  11. fixjet

    OS X 10.11.5 Update

    The general update from the app store went fine here, first restart had KP but that was the usual AppleTyMCDriver.kext so booted off other drive and removed that, once onto desktop installed new Nvidia drivers and good to go. Everything stuck, sound, trim, sleep all good. Whats not so good is...
  12. fixjet

    Fix no sound after sleep on 1150 (and possibly other realtek's)

    Just wanted to say Thank You!!! New System 10.11.4 on Z97X-UD3-BK/i5-4690K using MB 8.1.0....sound was driving me nuts, tried plist mods, re-installs, all kinds of various stuff. Installed codec commander v2.5.2 (the latest I think as of couple days ago) on a suggestion from another thread and...
  13. fixjet

    How to Fix iMessage

    Thanks Jay, I figured all that out a bit late. LOL. BTW I called apple support, the automated system wanted my s/n but after three tries it said "I will get someone to help you", a very nice lady came on and I just told her I had an iMessage problem and had a customer code...she confirmed my...
  14. fixjet

    How to Fix iMessage

    Sorry to add more to this thread, but I have a quick question. I upgraded to 10.9.5 and all was well until i rebooted last night, then all of a sudden my iMessage stopped working. Unfortunately (and stupidly I suppose) after a couple days with no issues I upgraded my backup drive as well...
  15. fixjet

    OS X 10.9.3 Update

    Article: OS X 10.9.3 Update If you have not sorted it yet, reinstall the ALC898 driver but use an older version of Multibeast, I used 6.1.0 and this issue went away. Hope that helps.
  16. fixjet

    OS X 10.9.3 Update

    Article: OS X 10.9.3 Update Followed instructions and all went well, Z77X-UP5TH, GTX 760...but I do have one odd problem, if the computer puts itself to sleep for any length of time, upon wake there is no sound until i reboot the computer.Working on it....anyone else have this??
  17. fixjet

    How to Fix iMessage

    On my machine the hardware UUID and the system UUID were the same. Plugged that number into chameleon.boot.plist, rebooted and all is well, imessage works good (for some reason no sound when I send messages but that is minor) Works fine. The system has a new UUID now (under profile)...and the...
  18. fixjet

    How to Fix iMessage

    Ethernet : 90:2b:34.... Wi-Fi: c8:bc:c8:.... it seems odd to me also that only iMessage is affected, if Apple wanted to shut things down they would go after the other functions as well, iCloud, App store, etc. Those all work fine. Sure hope we can find a fix. I might use that as an...
  19. fixjet

    How to Fix iMessage

    This is interesting. When I launch imessage this is what I get, note the error code (or whatever it is), matches yours exactly. It also has the same general format as my computer UUID (it does NOT match that however)...
  20. fixjet

    How to Fix iMessage

    You can add me to the list as well. Just stopped working couple days ago, went through every item in the guide and no joy. Have spent hours and hours on it. Everybody comes up red... "not registered with iMessage". Everything else works fine (app store, etc). My iPhone works fine so real devices...