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  1. lewis22343

    Mojave setup problems

    Hi, i’m trying to setup mojave on my laptop, i am getting this error, any ideas?
  2. lewis22343

    Problem with boot hangs with cursor.

    Hi, this is my first hackintosh so please bear with me and my knowledge of this subject. Ever since I set up my laptop with OS X , I've always had to boot in safe mode, it's never worked without safe mode, I think it something to do with the he drivers on my hackintosh as I booted with...
  3. lewis22343

    Screen garble with Lenovo g570

    Hi, I'm new to the whole hackintosh thing, and I thought I would try it out on my old Lenovo g570, all the setup went fine, until the actual setup finished and it went onto the desktop after me typing in my Apple ID and it was fine, restarted it and it's come up with this straight after the...