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  1. Monyx

    AHCI PCIe SSDs disappear soon after booting BigSur

    Further, tested the Marvell 9230 Mstata to PCIE has same problems on Monterey and Ventura. I updated the firmware on the controller via Win10, still no good, the ACHI_3rdParty.kext does report the correct Marvell chipset but didn't change anything regards to volumes disappearing. Interesting if...
  2. Monyx

    macOS 13.4.1 Update

    OC 0.9.3 updated ok, but lost WiFi card EDIT: didn't realise support for BCM4331CD dropped, replaced with FENVI T919 and all good. I also have an issue with Addonics Marvell 9230 chipset PCIe Sata controller - the SSDs show up but are unexpectedly ejected ~5-10mins or sooner if used. However...
  3. Monyx

    macOS 11.7.8 Update

    Easy but my Addonic PCIe mSata drives/card still drops out after 5-10mins or shortly after sustained use like Speed Disk Test. Time to move to Monterey...don't need the latest just stable. OC 0.7.8 but the same issue persist on latest OC 0.9.3.
  4. Monyx

    AHCI PCIe SSDs disappear soon after booting BigSur

    No, after extensive testing on 11.7.5 a 2x 1TB SoftRAID and separate 500GB remained connected through-out the day and tested fine on repeated Disk Speed Test runs. Went back to 11.7.7, the Speed test stopped, with unable to access drive, the tmp file remained on the vol and shortly after both...
  5. Monyx

    AHCI PCIe SSDs disappear soon after booting BigSur

    Before I try all that with kext, can you tell me if it's revelant given that I no problems under 11.7.5 with same OC? I just spent a few hours resurrecting 11.7.5 back onto an internal SSD, booted from it now and the PCIe mSata SSDs are all as normal, speed check fine, some hours into into the...
  6. Monyx

    AHCI PCIe SSDs disappear soon after booting BigSur

    not yet, haven't got an spare slots wld need to remove BT/WIFi card. The card & drives are stable booting into Win11 though so physical connection seems ok.
  7. Monyx

    AHCI PCIe SSDs disappear soon after booting BigSur

    Recently experiencing (MSata) SSDs disappearing around 5 mins after booting using BigSur 11.7.7 & OC 0.7.8. They are connected to an Addonics Quad mSata PCIe card (model AD4MSPX2-A). Prior to 11.7.7 had no issues. With sustained access like BlackMagic Disk Speed test it results in a hung state...
  8. Monyx

    macOS 11.7.7 Update

    I don't know if related to 11.7.7, but I have recently experienced SSDs disappearing a little while after booting. They are connected to an Addonics Quad mSata PCIe card (model AD4MSPX2-A). 2x are SoftRAID but 1x is normal APFS MacOS format and they both disappear so not SoftRAID driver related...
  9. Monyx

    macOS 11.7.7 Update

    OC 0.78, 3 reboots, little wait on the 2nd with Apple logo & progress bar but proceeded no issues.
  10. Monyx

    macOS 11.7.6 Update

    No issues OC 0.78.
  11. Monyx

    macOS 11.7.4 Update

    OC 0.7.8 i9940X
  12. Monyx

    macOS 11.7.1 Update

    No issues OC 0.7.8
  13. Monyx

    macOS 11.7 Update

    OC 0.7.8 no problems
  14. Monyx

    macOS 11.6.8 Update

    No issues OC 0.7.8
  15. Monyx

    macOS 11.6.5 Update

    OC 0.78 updated from 11.6.4 software update.
  16. Monyx

    Broadcom BT 20702b0 keep disappearing

    Despite what the Dortania guide says - since removing & inserting the PCIe with same BCM94331CD BT module I've now had 3 days of 100% reliable BT operation. The other thing that changed in that time frame was MacOS security update to 11.6.5. Looks like that $60 BCM94360 I just ordered mightn't...
  17. Monyx

    Broadcom BT 20702b0 keep disappearing

    Solved: I pull out the PCIe card noted I have BCM94331CD, according to Dortania guide is no longer supported in BigSur. Ordered a Fenvi T919 BCM94360. Are all these Apple BCM units - do I even need all the kexts I read they work OOB?
  18. Monyx

    Broadcom BT 20702b0 keep disappearing

    After updating OC 0.7.8 and Big Sur BT keeps disappearing or turning off and can't be switched on. Usually works for little while after a cold power on, but after that neither option + shift "Reset the Bluetoth Module" reboot brings it back, nor does the following .sh script. For a lot of time...
  19. Monyx

    macOS 11.6.4 Update

    The reboots weren't hands-off - after ~30mins I rebooted the first black screen & manually selected the new installer volume from the OC boot menu, then I left it and it completed fine. Took another 1/2 day to figure out adding boot-args to my config.plist using OpenShell.efi as my 6800 XT...
  20. Monyx

    X299 Big Sur Support

    ASRock Fatal1ty K6 Gaming P2.00, i9940x, OC 0.6.9 Trying to boot 11.4. I think install went ok, I can boot from the BS Recovery.dmg but not Big Sur install itself seems to slow to molasses on tx_flush. I recently updated from OC 0.5.7, 0.6.9 boots fine into 10.14.6. For Big Sur I manually built...